Vaccination Day

On Thursday, October 19, we got our vaccinations done at school. The three ones that were suggested were for called Meningococcal vaccine (Menactra), Hepatitis B, and HPV vaccine.

Of course we had forms to sign to make sure our parents and we agreed. I was one of the last ones of our class to get the shots (for the day). I went to the second table (there were four tables set up). My nurse was trying to distract me from worrying about the shots. She asked me about my allergies, and then we started the shots. The first one you felt the needle hurt. The second shot you could feel the medicine going through, and the third was the worst. It sting and you could feel your arm getting sore. After the shots, the nurse told me to rotate my arms to make the medicine go through. Then we had to sit outside for 15 minutes, to make sure we’re okay. The reason why it’s fifteen minutes, is because usually the bad symptoms happen in-between that amount of time. In our class, one guy fainted, and another guy cried really hard. But everyone seemed fine.


Baseball Summer 2017

On Thursday, August 31st, we had a final baseball game. It was to determine who was 1st and 2nd, so no matter what, we’d all get a medal. The team we were against was sponsored by Lixar. They’re a team full of boys, and the only woman is the coach. And you can tell that most of them are older than 13 (age limit for intermediate group), which is clearly unfair, because in this baseball program, your team needs a sponsor, at least 2 girls in your team. All I’m saying is that, they shouldn’t be allowing 15 year olds on that team playing against a team with kids. So… Here is how the game went

We LOST (kinda obvious though…) It was 15 or bigger to 0. We didn’t score a single run. It was very sad, but we had a couple of good plays like when Ella caught a fly ball and it was really cool, everyone was yelling or cheering or either clapping. It must’ve been memorable because she was named MVP of the game. It was a great day! Because even if we lost, we still get silver, and we also got cake! It was cake with whip cream (if you wanted it, I prefered not to have it) with raspberries and strawberries. It was very delicious,

Alice’s Birthday Sleepover

On Friday, July 28th it was Alice’s sleep over. It was a 15 minute drive to her step-father’s house in Orleans. When we rang her doorbell, we heard two dogs barking very loud. Those were Tequila and Ladybug. Alice, Deniz, and Adalia were already there, and they came to hug us. Then, we had a very quick tour of the house. They have a very luxurious bathroom in the master bedroom, they have a basement with a secret room where you lift a book, and push it, then you see the room where her dad works. They even have a 3D printer in there! They also have a 2 televisions in the basement. One in front of the couch where we were sleeping on. Behind that couch, there was a television for the Wii. We first went outside to the park. We were waiting for Grace. She said she would be here but it was already 6:15. We went on the swing until we saw the pizza man come. Then we charged into the house and sat in the dining room. I had two slices of pepperoni pizza, and I had some orange Crush. Then, we all found Grace at the door! We all ran to her asking why she wasn’t here earlier, she said that her mom was waiting for her dad to come home, then they spent couple of minutes finding a restaurant to have dinner. XD So then, we all changed into our bathing suits, and went in the pool. The pool was freezing cold, but I kinda got used to it. They had 2 floaties that you could sit on. I swam for a while until it got pretty cold, I went up to get my towel and just sit there with Adalia. When everyone got out of the pool, we switched into our jammies and went outside to start a fire. It was getting darker at night and we could see the beautiful sunset. The fire started and we got a stick to put a marshmallow on it. The trick to roasting a perfect golden marshmallow was to hold the stick onto the border, then hold it so it’s pointing upwards, then hold it near the stick and turn it so that all the sides get even. I roasted 2 golden marshmallows, and 2 burnt ones. We put the good edible marshmallows onto graham crackers with chocolate to make smores! Mmmm delish! ๐Ÿ˜› After everyone made their last smores, we went inside to eat cake at 9:15. While eating cake, we were watching the show Beat Shazam. We were all rooting for the grandma and her daughter. After we went to the basement where we were to sleep. We went down there to chit chat. We talked about how lame boys are, and what we should do since it was probably the last time we were seeing each other going to different schools. Some of us were going to Putman, and the others, Broadview. So technically we were rarely going to see each other now. We talked, I played minecraft on Adalia’s phone, and we watched some Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn, Sanjay and Craig, and we watched the hunger games! The hunger games was a movie which I never read the book. It was sad when Rue died, ’cause Rue was my favorite character. Some times it was funny, but it was scary that only 1 out of the 23 of them could live. But everyone knows


Solar Eclipse Ottawa 2017

On Monday, August, 21st, there was a solar eclipse visible from 1:17 P.M to 3:48 P.M

First we went to rhythmic gymnastics camp for half day, then our mom came to pick us up, and we went to Carleton University to get the right glasses to look at the sun. They held an event where you can stay to look at the sun, and check through the telescope. We only went there to get the glasses because the parking wasn’t free, so we got these things where there’s a black strip of some kind of plastic, that you put in front of your eyes, and it’s safe to see the sun like that. This is the first solar eclipse I’ve ever seen, so I was pretty excited. The total solar eclipse would be seen in U.S.A. Here in Ottawa, we’d only see about 61 percent of the sun covered.

2:35 P.M: The sun is covered 61 percent. It has gotten cooler than before

GRACEFIELD Christian Camp and Retreat Centre Open House

On Saturday, August 19 2017 we went to Gracefield in Gatineau for an open house. It took us almost two hours to get there. First we walked around the place, and then we had lunch. For lunch there was hotdogs, chips, and juice. I have 2 hotdogs with ketchup, sour creme and onion old dutch chips, and some fruit punch. Then it started raining, while they handed out samples of gelato. The flavours were strawberry and vanilla. The strawberry was super sweet, but the vanilla was just right. After the lunch, we went to walk around and tried the rope course. It was all about balancing. Holding onto a rope, and walking on the metal wires/ropes. For competition, you try and finish it in the less time. I finished it on my second try. It’s really hard to finish it on your first try in my opinion, but most of it is about your balance. After that, we went to go canoeing. It was probably my first time going canoeing. First we picked a lifejacket that fit ourselves, then we chose a paddle that fit ourselves. It was supposed to reach between your chin to your nose. After that, we went into the canoe. Grandpa, Grandma and Mommy went in one canoe, then I went in a canoe with Cherry and my daddy. We slightly crashed into some rocks but no harm was done. After we got used to which side to row on and when, we were perfectly fine with the skill. When it started to rain, we stopped rowing and we decided to go home. It took the same almost two hours to get home! ๐Ÿ˜›

Royal Conservatory Piano Test

On Tuesday August 12th, my mother brought me to the Bethany Baptist Church in Centerpoint for a Piano examination. It was for level 6 and the last time I did one it was three years ago.

First, I was tested on the technical tests. Scales, Chromatic Scales, Formula Scales, Dominant chords, Diminished chords, and arpeggios.

I had memorized three of the six songs.

I played two songs from the etude book:

  1. Allegro in F Major
  2. River City Blues

Three songs (memorized) from the repertoire book:

  1. Burlesca in D major
  2. Sonatina in D major
  3. Sentimental Waltz


#SummerRoadTrip July 2017 Toronto

DAY 1:

On Friday, July 21st 2017 we were ready to go to Toronto! This time, our grandma wasn’t coming. We were on our way; my sister and I played Othello, My Boo,, and Dancing Line on the I-pad. After a couple of minutes, we stopped at 1000 islands for a tour of the 1000 islands. It’s called the 1000 islands because there are over 1000 islands. Some houses, are built directly on the water (it’s against the rules now). We also saw the Boldt castle which is on the U.S.A side (so if you’d want to visit it, but you’re not American, you will need a passport or a visa. The castle was huge! It was everything you could ask for, even a children’s place to play. We also saw a couple of fancy looking cottages, and some people having fun on their boats. The tour lasted an hour, coming back to the dock, we were on our way to our dad’s friend’s house for dinner. There was meat, lobster, rice, sushi, and more. I had some rice, and meat. When everyone was full, we were on our way, to Cherry and Rose’s house! At Cherry and Rose’s house, only Rose was there with her friend. ย We learned that they owned a dog named Athena. She is really energetic, and she listens really well, trained by Rose’s mom. They also grow grapes and blackberries. We got to pick some blackberries to bring home. We also had some watermelon, and some popcorners. Then we were on our way to the home where we were staying at. It was a big new home (about 12 years old). Since it was late, I took a bath and brushed my teeth to go to sleep. We slept on an air mattress.

DAY 2:

I woke up at around 8:30 and had a muffin for breakfast. It had nuts, and was really tasty. I also had some milk- a lot of milk. They bought milk just for us, because they usually don’t drink milk, just tea or soy milk. So they needed us to finish in the next 2 days. We went with my cousin, sister, mom and the lady that owned the house to a garage sale. We didn’t buy anything but we saw they sold a Wii console and a tiger lounge that was really cool. When we walked home, Kingsong (our brother) was home! He was talking with my daddy and his friend who’s the husband of the lady that owns the house who was the University graduate in the same year as Daddy. Speaking of the university graduate, they had a barbecue with all the graduates of ’85. So we brought my cousin and her dad accompanied by my brother to the Queen’s Park. Then my brother toured them around that area for the afternoon while my daddy, mommy, sister and I went to another park for the barbecue. There was delicious bone meat that was cooked by Rose and Cherry’s dad. There was salad, bread, drinks (I had the grape Crush). Then we got bored and walked on the rocks. There was one rock that Cherry walked on that was slippery and so she fell into the water. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ So my mommy brought her to the washroom. Then she stayed on the car on the ipad. At around 5, Kingsong ubered to the park with my cousin and her dad so we could send Kingsong to the bus station so he could go home, then we went to home.

DAY 3:

We went to the Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. We have been on the American side though. We first took several pictures far from the falls, and then Daddy got tickets for ย my cousin, her dad, my sister and me to go DOWN to the falls! I was excited ’cause I’ve never been there before and it was boiling hot so you get to get wet, but it was a long line to wait. At least the boat could fit a lot of people so the line moved fast, but more people means more crowded. Luckily ย the boat we were in wasn’t SOOO crowded. ๐Ÿ˜› We got red ponchos for us to wear during the ride, and we got pretty wet. It was so cool seeing the falls so close. The trip was about 15 minutes I THINK. Then when the ride was done, we went up to meet daddy and mommy. After taking several more photos, we went to the Niagara Outlet. It had lots of brands like Nike, Adidas, Roots, Reebok, Puma, Ardene, and Michael Korbs. The only thing we bought was a blue sweater for me, and a salmon pink sweater for Cherry from Old Navy, because it was discounted. Then, we went back to the home where we were staying.