Big pets,small pets, 

very very little pets.

Fat pets, thin pets,

very very playful pets.

Fun pets good pets,

automatic robot pets.

Awesome pets cool pets.

Best of all the no need to do anything pets!

By :Rose





I have the hiccups,

It started today.

The doctor came and said it would end in May.

I hope were half way there BUT…

Its already June!



The 2014 talent show

May 10th 2014,

Each year, Woodroffe Ave. P.S hosts a Grade 1-4 Talent show to raise funds for the Children’s Wish Foundation. This year the wish child we are helping is Victoria. Victoria wishes she could visit the Queen Elizabeth in England.

The Talent Show took place in Woodroffe Ave. High School On May 10. You can sing, dance, do a magic show, tell jokes , do a play, and such more. First, there was also a little choir for the grade 1-2 and the cold weather choir is from grade 3-6. Then, Lily, Kaitlyn and Summer did a dance. The song that they danced to was called Grease lightning. Cherry, Uma and Sylvie and I did a dance to the song Call Me Maybe by Carly ray Jepsen. We wore black pants and a shirt that has a lot of white. There was also a choir performance that we participated in. There are still a lot of other performances . Some of the       performances were  very funny!! 🙂 🙂 It was a great day!!!     🙂 🙂