Date: June 22nd 2014 Time: 1 pm  – 3:30 pm Weather: Warm &  Hot

Where : At  Kanata Leisure Wave Pool What: A Birthday Party

Who: My Sister And Me


Jacklyn’s sister,  Olivia, was tired.

Daddy drove us to the location. The party was at Kanata Leisure Wave pool. We wait for long time for other people to come. Then, each of us got a age bracelet that tells how old you are. We got yellow ones, which mean we were between  6-9 years old. After, we went to the change-room.

At the pool we had to do a swim test so the they know if you need an adult to accompany you. I passed the swim test and got a white bracelet with green happy faces that meant that we passed the swim test and you don’t need an adult with you. Then we played in the pool for awhile. At the pool there was a water-slide and it was fun , especially when there is the downhill part where you get faster! 🙂 🙂  The waves were humongous!! After ,we had cake outside. It was fun !!!

Jacklyn is lucky to have a nice mom because she always gets what she wants. 🙂 🙂

It cost $71.59 that’s a lot !!! It was the best day ever!


Things On The Same Day

Event Date(s): Fri, June 20, 2014 – Sun, June 22, 2014
Location(s): Vincent Massey Park,   Ottawa
Ticket Price(s):        !FREE!


  1.   Interactive & FREE family programming will keep all ages entertained throughout the weekend including stilt-walkers,  Animal  and Pony rides, face painting &  much, much more!
  2.    We went with our friend Faye & her little sister Zoe . Zoe is so cute & adorable. 🙂 🙂

3.   We learned a lot of national things.    Their culture is very cool!  But they have to do everything by hand. It’s hard. 😦 😦

They were in Canada before we discovered Canada. It’s same with Inuit people!

  1. Saturday, June 21: 9:00 AM Radical Science , 11:00 AM , Birds of prey  &  much more!
  2. It is so fun!
  3. It was to celebrate the Dragon Boat Race
  4. We saw Jessica Wang & Joshua Wang
  5. We went with Faye & Zoe


I don’t think that the following people are real

  1. Santa
  2. Tooth fairy
  3. Jack Frost
  4. Fairies
  5. Godmothers



  • Push you down
  • are mean
  • say mean stuff
  • Hurt your feelings

How to handle it

1.Use your wits

2.Ask a friend

3.Tell your story to someone who can handle it

Walk away


Talk it out

Seek help