Test Kitchen At The Library

July 31 2014,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Today we went to the Carlingwood Branch For Test Kitchen At The Library. We did an Diaper experiment the diaper could hold 3 cups of water. The Main thing we did is Gak/Goo/Puddy/Slime 


  • Water
  • Florid
  • Glue mixed with water
  • Food Coloring
  •  A Cup

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    First, pour the Florid into the water. Then mix well. Then put the food coloring into the cup. Stir  well. Then, pour the cup into the glue. Stir well. Then put the florid mixed with water into the glue. Keep on stirring then you will make Gak/Goo/Puddy/Slime.


Chamber Fest Ottawa

July 30 2014,

Today we went to Ottawa Chamber Fest with Amy Faye and Zoe. The pieces that they played were all by Mozart. There was a violin,viola,cello and a piano. They were all canadians. The pianist is good at the piano. She is like a perfectionist. The others were like perfectionists too! They also invited The Art Gallery and we made a magic flute. ( Not Really Magical.) There is a book called The Magic Flute by Mozart it a really good book. Mozart is very famous even now. He composed the most songs Beethoven made the next most songs. Mozart lived a long time ago in Europe. In 1781 Mozart left Salzburg and went to Vienna, a town where music was very important. Here he gave piano lessons and in a book it says that once he gave Beethoven lessons. He got jobs from all kinds of people, but he didn’t become rich. A year before coming to Vienna Mozart married Constanze Weber. Everyone says Constanze Weber was a important person in his life. He also composed songs for her. It was an interesting day. 









Kanata Leisure Wave Pool

                                                                                                                                        July 28 2014,

Today we went to Kanata Leisure Wave Pool with our piano teacher and his daughter again. I also added a bracelet to my collection and so now I have 4 bracelets to my collection. First we went into the pool that has all the waves. The waves come on every 7 minutes. When the waves were on we went to the shallow area where it’s more fun. When we were there we jumped over the waves, swam through them and tried to blocked them with the humongous boards. I also found out a feet massage, where you sit down and put your feet in front of you and you relax. It feels great! ( There were people from Dovercourt and they had to do the swim test that made more people)   

A Play Date

July 25th 2014,

Today we went to Zicheng’s house for a play date. We went there to play the X-Box. We played a game called The Rush with lots of levels to complete. We completed The one close to the Iffle Tower. Our prizes were a new buddy to help us and a present. After we had to go to the Library to play the wii. we played          WiiU #2 I was the yellow mushroom guy in the first round. In the second round I was Luigi. When It was the first round I was the only one alive the others had no more lives. IT was Fun!! 😀 😀

Zicheng’s B.D.P

On Sunday we went to Zicheng’s B.D.P. First, we played MONOPOLY. Then, we ate pepperoni pizza from Pizza Pizza I ate two slices. Then, we hit the pinata, I gave one of my Rice Krispies to Zicheng’s sister because she didn’t have a lot. Then, we played on the Xbox we played Kinect Adventures. It was GR8!!        Then, we sang happy birthday and he got 6 girlfriends! ( It’s just something not true.) It was a Fun Day!!


😀 🙂 🙂

Alice’s Birthday Party

On Sunday we went to Alice’s Birthday Party at Laser Quest.                                                                            The first round of laser tag I shot Hilaryduff 20x I was Bluebird and 1234 won. The second round I was Rose, and Bilbobagnes won. After we had cake I had two pieces because it was grr8! After Alice opened the presents we got our happy sacks there were our loot bags in them there was:

  1.  A Inflatable Sword
  2. A Flying Fist
  3. A Thing that you crunch lightly and the little frisbee on it will fly out
  4. A pair of Movie Star glasses
  5. A Fake Mustache
  6. A Bendy Bracelet
  7. A Balloon With An Elastic Attached To It
  8. A Bouncy Ball  

                                It was GR8!

Jessica’s Birthday Party

                                                                                                                                        July 19 2014, Today we went to Jessica’s B.D.P. The first thing I remember is that we played with cats and we got our own cat toy to play with the cats. There were also rules:

  1. There are 5 people allowed in the cat gallery and the rest 3. Some of them are locked because they are not available. Some need to be supervised because they have sharp claws.
  2.  You have to put hand sanitizer the first room you go to and after each room you go into.
  3.  No running in the halls.
  4.  No screaming in the rooms and in the hall.
  5.  You have to respect the cats. 

          We had ice cream and cookies. After we played outside. We played The Great  Wall Of China, Octopus and  British Bulldog. 

                                          It Was Fun!!!! 🙂 🙂