Chinese Popluck


It was at 156 mill street at Carlton Place.

There was Chips, and a lot of other stuff. Most of the food was all spicy. Sean’s dad was talking to my brother about entrepreneurs and about going to university. We also played Charades on his phone it’s the new 1+ and it only cost $440 it’s cheap. But you need an invite to get it it’s a new company that just opened. My brother is going to Waterloo University it’s the best university in Canada that’s what my dad said. He’s doing accounting. It was fun 😀


Royal Conservatory Piano Test

August 14 2014,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Today we went to Bethany Baptist church for a piano test. At first I was scared but then I was neutral. The songs I played were 

  • All Aboard
  • Study C 
  • Gavotte in G major
  • Menuetto in F ΙΙ Major
  • The song of Twilight
  • Four Star / Sight Reading

The answers take 4-6 weeks for the results. 

Chinese Community Summer Fun Day!

August 10th 2014,     

Today we went to a Chinese Community Summer Fun Day! There was games and there was food of course. It’s like an potluck. We brought Fruit an a kind of salad. 

After there were games. First there was the tug of war. The team that I was on won both rounds.      The next game was the tree foot race daddy was with Cherry and I was with Faye. We both won 1st place!                                                                                                                         

Then there was a game were there is a plate with a ball on it you try to get to the end without making the ball fall but we both lost. 😦 Then we had to go home.

The brave mouse

Once there was a secret village of mouses. The village was in the house of the Gumberts. They never knew there were mouses in there house. In the village there was a mother mouse having a baby. When the baby was born he was called Barvey. Barvey was a cute little boy. When he was old enough to carry lots of stuff he went adventuring inside the village. In the village there was lots of things happening because the King Mouse named Alfie he came to see Barvey for he was chosen to go adventuring in the Gumberts house. It was highly dangerous for all the mouses but Alfie proved that he was brave.  But he had to learn things to survive the humans without getting hurt or caught. Everyone was scared about what would happen because it was the first time that a mouse was going to the human world. The rules to survive the humans were

  1. Learn your punches
  2. Bring food
  3. Do safe things 
  4. Don’t be foolish for you could get caught
  5. Bring a needle in case you meet a rat

In those days rats eat mice. It was even dangerous than humans. Before Barvey left the village he had to learn his punches and kicks( In case your arms are sore) so he learned all of the strategies until he was strong. When Barvey was strong he went to the human world. In those days mice didn’t have muscles so humans couldn’t tell if they were strong or not. When Barvey went he was frightened but he had to do it. He needed to because they needed to see the humans strategies. So in case one of the Gumberts find the village they know what to do the get them out of this place. Once he was out he started to exploring the house. If he got caught he knew what he had to do. But then, the young brother of the Gumberts found him’ he wasn’t scared because he liked mice. So he picked him up and Barvey said ” Who are you. What are you going to do with me” The boy said ” My name is Bilbo and I like mice and you are one. Our family likes mice tell me were do you live we won’t threaten you” Barvey replied ” I’ll introduce myself. My name is Barvey and I live in your house inside a mouse hole there are tons of other mice that live there” Bilbo said ” I’m going to tell my family. Can I ?” Barvey answered ” Why of course unless there nice to mice” So Bilbo told his family and he told Barvey that they will not every threaten any mice that come out from the mouse hole. When Barvey went home back to the village he announced ” The Gumbert family said that they will never ever threaten any of us” Because Barvey was the first mouse that went into the human world he was given a statue on the statue was carved ” Barvey the bravest mouse “

                                                                                                                    The End