L’ambassade Du Japon (English and French )


Aujourd’hui je suis alleé au ambassade du Japon. L’année dernier je suis alleé avec mon amie Cynthia cet année, je suis alleé avec ma famille. J’ai vu Carmyn là. Il avait beaucoup de plantes. Sur les étiquettes qui était proche des plantes disait comment le dire en japonais, français et anglais j’ai même essayer de la prononcé en japonais, c’était vraiment difficile. On a pris un grand nombre photos. Il y a BEAUCOUP de photos que je suis pas là par ce que j’aime plus prendre les photos que être dans les photos. Je dois admettre que c’est un peut amusant prendre les photos. 😀   Après je suis alleé au terme de l’armée.

The army run:

The army run was at City Hall there was tanks which were cool! We went into the big tent there was a wheel of savings. I got a ticket of 20 % off my sister got a ticket of 10% off. We didn’t use them because my mom does not go to the real department. After we exited the tent we came across a bear mascot my mom asked where he/she sees from he pointed to his or her eyes. but he actually looks from his eyes after we shot some photos we went inside the building to get a drink of water. After  we went outside we found dad. Then we went shopping at Green Fresh Supermarket it’s a chinese shop but other people come. While my dad was at the checkout me and my mom  with my sister went to buy some bread. Then we went to the car and my dad drove home. It was very fun!!


Savour Fall At Rideau Hall (It Rhymes!!)

Today we went to Rideau Hall for a event they make food and you taste them. I liked  the the apple spiced cake best the taste was great! There was also a search book there are pictures and you try to find them. Cherry had great eyes she spotted something on the list that was very small. There was also apple cider that was good too! We saw the governors wife. By the way Rideau Hall is where the governor lives it’s what my dad told me he’s not so sure. It was a taste day!! 😀

The highlight and the lowlight of the week

My sister’s teacher asked to respond or answer to this question:

” What is the highlight and the lowlight of the first week of school ?”

My mom wanted me to answer the question too. Mine highlight is DPA daily physical activities because you get to play games such as Sandman, Man Hunt, Tag and Hide and seek. My lowlight is…

Nothing!!         :p:p

I like all the the subjects we did last week. The only subject I don’t like is science. ( We didn’t do any last week):jiayou:


Capital Kids Tennis Program

Today we went to a party of the closing ceremony of the Capital Kids Tennis Program.                                                                                                     We played games that recommend your tennis skills. I was bad because i didn’t have much ability to outgrow the better people.                All of them were boys and so they got prizes but at the end there were giveaways. We invites Jessica, Joshua and Amy.                                Joshua didn’t participate in the games but he played with his mom all the time. When it was a water break time and we went to the water fountain the water was refreshing, it was cold and we were all boiling.  We played a lot of games like Jail; Around the world and Hospital. I find the game Around the world is very hard we only have two lives. But I really like Jail and Hospital,  there basically the same except Hospital has three lines and Jail has one. At the end there were T-Shirts,  new racket grippers and hats. This year it was held in 4 different parks next year there doing it in 4 new parks. There was a crash cage where there is a speed detector you hit the ball into the net and you will know the speed that you made the one with the fastest speed was a guy with 98. My best was 63. Then we did a group photo and we went home. It was a stupendous day!! 😀