Mud Lake ~ Lac Mud

Today it was the day! All the grade 4s went except some grade 5s because my class is a split 4/5 class and so the grade 5s had to go with us. There is always a form to prove that you can go. One of my friends needed her mom to drive her to Mud Lake and back to school because she has a little of pneumonia. Another classmate of mine couldn’t go because she caught a cold and her parents are both at work so she couldn’t go. She had to work in a grade 3 class but our teacher gave her work to do. It was to work on describing her monster for Halloween. When we first got to Regina P.S ( A school close to Mud Lake) it was time to have a washroom break and to get a drink of water. Then, we went to a field close to a playground. We went in a circle and he ( the instructor) told us what were going to do. Then after he finished we were looking and admiring at a deer. After the deer ran into the forest of Mud Lake, we went into that exact same forest, unfortunately we didn’t see it again. We made it around Mud Lake and sometimes when we stop there would be an explanation of whatever was right around him, or there would be a story. We saw a dead squirrel and me and my friends were very sad. 😩 After the walking we went back to school and we got a snack 😀

Aujourd’hui, il Ă©tait le jour!  Des qualitĂ© 4ieme, et quelque qualitĂ© de 5ieme parce que ma classe est une classe divisĂ©e 4/5 et donc les qualitĂ© de 5ieme dĂ» aller avec nous. Il ya toujours une papier de prouver que vous pouvez aller. Un de mes amis a dit que sa mĂšre de conduire la a Mud Lake et retourner Ă  l’Ă©cole parce qu’elle a un peu de pneumonie. Un autre camarade de classe ne pouvait pas aller car elle a attrapĂ© un rhume et ses parents sont tous les deux au travail alors elle ne pouvait pas aller. Elle a dĂ» travailler dans une classe de 3e annĂ©e, mais notre professeur lui a donnĂ© du travail Ă  faire. Il Ă©tait de travailler sur la description de son monstre pour Halloween. Quand nous sommes arrivĂ©s Ă  Regina PS (Une Ă©cole Ă  proximitĂ© du lac de boue), il Ă©tait temps de faire une pause toilettes et de prendre un verre d’eau. Ensuite, nous sommes allĂ©s Ă  un champ. Nous sommes allĂ©s dans un cercle et l’instructeur nous a dit ce que l’on va faire. Puis aprĂšs avoir fini de nous regardons et admirer un cerf. AprĂšs le cerf a couru dans la forĂȘt de Mud Lake, nous sommes allĂ©s dans ce exactement la mĂȘme forĂȘt, malheureusement, nous ne voyons pas encore. Nous l’avons fait autour de Mud Lake et parfois, quand nous nous arrĂȘtons serait une explication de tout ce qui Ă©tait Ă  droite autour de lui, ou il y aurait une histoire. Nous avons vu un écureuil mort et moi et mes amis Ă©tions trĂšs tristes. 😩 AprĂšs la marche, nous sommes retournĂ©s Ă  l’Ă©cole et nous avons eu une collation.


Math Night 2014

Today after swimming lessons, we went back to school to participate in the first annual math night. We had to register before the day of the math night. You also had to bring a pumpkin to have extra fun. I found lots of my friends. I sat beside two of my friends in my class. We first answered questions that they provided on the sheet of paper and we also had to estimate of what we think of… We first carved our pumpkin, answered to all the questions and we went to different tables. One of the tables is were in little pumpkin bowls there is numbers and there are popsicle sticks you match the popsicle with the bowl by reading the words on the pumpkins. It was pretty easy for me as a junior kid. There is one where you make faces and draw them on a sheet of paper. And on with graphics but we didn’t have time because it was time to clean up and go home. My mom did the carving on the pumpkin. She is really artistic. The important thing was to have fun! And really we did! 😀

Trick Or Treat With The Mayor 2014 @CityHall

On Saturday, October 25, 2014 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. We went to City Hall to trick or treat with the mayor. We go there every year. When we just entered we came in line to visit costumed characters, we met Elsa, Anna, Kristoph, Lucy/WildStyle, Emmit, Superman, Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty, Dorothy-Ann, Cowardly Lion, Tinman, Scarecrow, Harry Potter,  The Tooth Fairy and much more. They all gave out candy. By then, we got tons of yummies! 😀 Then, we went in line to take a picture with the mayor and they gave us popcorn and firefighters gave us a piece of paper and a sticker. Then, we went outside to colour a mini pumpkin and to get hot chocolate, candy and a juice box. After we went inside for the fortune teller. We ask a question for the future and we pick 3 decks of cards and one card then, she will tell you the answer. My question was” Will the world get anymore peace?” after the attack on Parliament Hill. The answer was…


The world will get peace. After she gave me a hershey bar. There on we had to go. It was a fun day! 😀

Trick-Or-Treat With The Mayor 2014

We went to City Hall yesterday to celebrate early Halloween with the mayor and different costumed characters. The admission was a donation to the baby supply cupboard. It happens every year. You wear your Halloween costume and you get different kinds of candy. We entered from the back door of City Hall. There was already lots of people dressed in costumes. We hurried in line for the costumed characters. The line up was very long! The first characters we met were from the movie FROZEN. There was Anna, Elsa and Kristoph. We took a picture with them then, we moved on to some characters from THE LEGO MOVIE, there was only Emmit and Lucy/Wildstyle. Our mom got a photo of us with Lucy/Wildstyle. After we went to Superman and got a photo with him. Then we went to Cinderella, Snow White and Beauty and got a picture with them. Then we went to a pack of characters from THE WIZARD OF OZ. There was Dorothy-Ann, Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow and a stuffy Toto. We got a great photo from them. Then, we went to a tooth fairy and she gave us toothbrushes. I got blue and my sister got purple. After we went to characters from HARRY POTTER. There was Harry Potter, The Wizard and Hermoine Granger. All of the characters gave out candy. Then, we went in line to take a picture with the mayor. There was a table beside the mayor with firefighters handing out papers and stickers. When it was our turn we got a picture with the mayor and got a bag of popcorn. Then, the firefighters gave us a paper and a sticker. After that, we went outside to decorate a mini pumpkin. When we finished we went to get hot chocolate. We went to a tent that gave out free juice boxes. There was another tent that gave slap-bands and candy. The tent beside the one that we were at gave out free chocolates, I got a Hershey and my sister got an Aero.  After we went inside to Mme Zelda who was a fortune teller. First you would ask a question. Then, you would pick certain piles. After, you would pick a card and the card will be a answer to your question. My question was ” Will the world have anymore peace” after the attack in Ottawa. The card that was chosen wrote” You will not be afraid ” which really answered my question. It was a fun day! 😀

Science Fest 2014

Sunday october 19th 2014, my whole family and I with a teenager who is my dad’s friend went to 2014 Annual Science Fest. First, we went inside a building, inside there was a room with events going on. We went to the closest one to the entrance wich was talking about ” How Hockey Players Do Slapshots.” we learned a lot. Then, we headed for another station, it was a lady with a snake we could pet it. Later on, we walked to a table where you can make gooey slime! I made a green one and my sister made a pink one. Her result was slime that looked like brains! It was so cool! But then on, we changed places but not buildings. There we made a catapult that could really shoot! After, we changed rooms where it’s about agriculture bugs and insects and a whole lot of other stuff that I forgot about. Starting with the bugs and insects, some adults have collected many different species of bugs, insects and even butterflies! There was a table where there was a little bug and, a man put the little bug into a bowl of sand and we were trying to see if the bug would make any traces. But eventually it got boring looking and waiting so we moved on the a center where there was bags and a pen to take for free. On the tip of the pen there was a finger pointing so if anybody was a teacher they can use it for a pointer. A few minutes past we exited the building and went to the tent with Tim Hortons to get free timbits and hot chocolate they were also serving coffee too.  I only took hot chocolate and timbits because I’m too young to drink coffee. After the snack we went to a different building to investigate rocks. ( There names, if I know it or not, how big or small it is. etc.) We went into a room where there was different kinds of rocks. There was gold, pearls, rubies, emeralds, copper, platinum and more. They were fascinating! After that we went on the car and went home.

Tanger Outlets Kanata

Last night my whole family except two of my grandparents, went shopping . We went to  Tanger Outlets in Kanata just a few minutes away from our house. We knew because the day before yesterday my mom went to Tanger Outlets and found out somehow. I have no idea because I was at school. When we arrived there was barely any space for parking in the parking lot. But fortunately we found for a parking spot. First, we entered the outlet and wander around together. But we were actually searching for the center with the Fire Show. At last! We found the center, I was still shivering from autumn’s wind. There was a lady handing out some kind of stick with a button to light it up. My sister got one first when I didn’t notice but then, my dad told me that they were handing them out, so I just received one. Then the Fire Show began, there was the Cow Guys and Fire Weavers. One guy from the Cow Guys was really funny, he did ganame style for a warm-up when he chose two me to do him a favor. 😀

Paranorman in 3D

Today my dad, sister my friend and I went to Cineplex theater to celebrate their aniversary. To celebrate we could choses from different movies listed on the web. We chose Paranorman in 3D. My dad got the tickets at 8:30 am. When we got there, there was characters from Star Wars at the entrance. The witch freaked me out because the eyes were red and the face was crooked. One of the white characters had a child holding his hand. The child had a long hoodie covering his face. First, we went to get popcorn and drinks all condiments costs $2. There was also candy but we thought that it was too expensive. For the drinks my friend choose fruitopia and my sister too. But I chose Fanta the orange kind. Then, we went to the theater room number 9 because that’s where the movie Paranorman was. In the movie Paranorman there was Zombies like in minecraft but they don’t look exactly like them. The movie was pretty scary and funny. There was Neil, Norman’s bestie, Courtney Norman’s sister, Norman and his mom and dad. Neil had a brother who’s name I forget. But you can search for it on web. My other friend and her brother with their dad came too. Since there was a few seats that were free beside us they could sit beside us but unfortunately there was not enough seats for our dads after that so my friend’s dad and my dad with my friends brother sat somewhere else. After awhile the movie started. We got our 3D glasses in the entrance it also said to put them on. So we put on our glasses and tried to enjoy the show.