Chinese Performance At The NAC

Today, after gymnastic class, we went to the NAC for a performance of a Masterclass for the Performance Arts Orchestra, China. We were late for one of the three shows. For each specialist, there was the top 1 best teacher of the instrument that the specialist played. The 2 shows that we saw had a pianist(e) ( a man and a woman). The specialist plays a song, then, I think that the teacher shows how to improve the same song, or, the specialist plays another song and the teacher helps the specialist to improve. When we first arrived, we had no idea where the performance took place so we asked a man and he called someone on an emergency phone, the answer was at the 2nd floor at the 4th stage. It was pretty small in there. When we entered the 4th stage, we saw a flutist, getting flute lessons from a woman with a flute in her hands. There was time, I know that because after, a lady said ” 2 more minutes!” after 2 minutes, the lady said ” Times up!” so then, a cellist walked onto the stage and started doing what he was supposed to do. The person that was giving lessons to the cellist was preety funny 😀 But the lady that took care of the time just said ” you need to finish soon” or something like that. After everything was ” Ok!” we apllaused and we exited to the plaza where my dad parked the car and went home… It was a musical day! 😀


Halloween 2014

Last night we went trick or treating!:D It was finally Halloween thought it didn’t feel like halloween, it was still the day of candy. It was around 7:oo pm when my friend with her friend came to our house to get candy and to pick us up because we were planning to go with them but never knew that her friend would come with us. As we started around our neighbourhood we got lots of candy. After we went to another neighborhood that was around our neighbourhood. There lots of people there and we even saw some other people from our school! Then we moved to the street near my classmate’s home, at one house a guy was so generous he gave us a combo bag of chips, like the medium size ones. I got normal potato chips, my sister got barbeque and the two little girls that were going with us got ruffles. We went all the way to a public school, then, we went to one of the trick or treaters that went with us’s house, and we went home. We had lots of candy! 😀