Camp Fourtune

Today, was the first day of snowboarding… My brother Kingsong, my sister Cherry and I went snowboarding at Camp Fortune. Since we didn’t have the snowboard and snowboard shoes, we had to rent them. So we filled out a form, and got our equipment. We started at the beginner place with 2 hills. One was deeper than the other. Since we had no experience with snowboarding, we stayed on the shallow mountain. We had paid to stay from 9:00am-1:00pm my brother Kinsong, had chosen to stay for full-day (He had to pay 2 tickets) from 9:00am-4:00pm because his friends would be there. We could go to learn how to snowboard. My brother has snowboarded before and so he had the chance to teach us. I had to first learn how to slow down and I had to fall on my bottom (If you fall on your bottom, it’s less likely to hurt yourself). I also learned how to stop. Sometimes I would fall but I didn’t fall for 7 turns! Anyway it was fun! 😀


Christmas Eve Party

Today we went to Hardstone Grill for breakfast instead of eating it at home. It’s near Costco. It was because we were just celebrating Christmas Eve. Every my mom’s company organizes it and invites my mom, who can bring us too! When we got there, there was already lots of people from my mom’s company were there. When it was time to order I was allowed to get a one egg, with white bread, sausage, and egg (easy cooked), and chicken nuggets. Kingsong, who is my brother, got a crepe with nutella spread with whip cream. My mom, got a blueberry pancake. For drink, we ordered water because their water was free. Me and my sister had to share the one egg, gladly, there was 2 sausages, and 4 pieces of bread. We really enjoyed our breakfast! After when we all paid the money, we went to the place where my mom works and played, since my mom brought balloons she made balloons for other kids. The first child got a balloon and went to the “boardroom” for crafts. With his balloon with him, everyone asked ” Where did you get that balloon? ” and his mom replied” He got it from Wei ” so every kid came hurrying calmly to get in line for one. That’s how it got so crowded at mom’s place. But when the line was done, everyone was happy with their balloon, we could go!!! It was fun! 😀 

Rhythmic Gymnastics Christmas Show 2014

Today we went to Ashbury College to get ready for a Christmas Show. We had to get there at 1:15 but the show starts at 2:30 because we had to practice our dance and stretch. And we also had to put our costumes on. Our costumes were just plain red skirts with our black leotards and short black pants. We practiced our dance on the carpet. The song is called “Santa Claus is coming to town“, we used the hoop. When the show started, we were sitting on a bench until our turn. After our dance, there was a intermission. Since Cherry brought money, we bought a bag of Lays Ketchup chips. Very sweet! Then, we continued watching the show and at 4:30 we went home. It was a really fun day! 😀

Party of Art

On Saturday December 13 2014, Cherry, my mom, my dad and I went to Greenbank Church for a party, on the way we saw a car crash we didn’t see the crash part but we saw the ending where there was a tow truck and another car with a the back broken from the crash. It was near the church. When we arrived, we went in a room where there was a lot of drawings some of them were good and they were by children 6-9 years old. After we went into the main room to watch a slide show, we knew some of the kids. When the slide show was finished, we were allowed to eat, there was cupcakes, cookies, apples, oranges, popcorn, juice, and crackers. I didn’t take any cupcakes because I don’t really like them. After they put some chips on the table I took some of that! They were good delicious! 😀 Then, in the room with the drawing there was a craft where you make something out of this thing that is like play-do but just white. I made a snowman Cherry made a candy cane. When we were both done, they brought paint for us to paint our creations. Later, when we were about to go home, we could get either a Chocolates till Christmas or a cylinder of chips. We each took different things. It was a great day! 😀

Christmas Party At O’Brien Theater

Today me and my dad, mom and sister Cherry, went to O’Brien Theater in Arnprior for a Christmas Party. We watched the movie Penguins of Madagascar. When we first entered a lady gave me and Cherry a ticket to get free popcorn, juice and a bag of candy or a chocolate bar. Me and Cherry chose butter on our popcorn and chose skittles sour for the candy. Then, we entered the theater where the movie took place, and the movie begun, the movie was sad, happy & funny! After the movie, a fake Santa came in the theater and started calling names and giving out presents. Now, this party happens every year. For my present, I got a thing where you can make bracelets out of string. Cherry got a board game called Sorry. Then, we went back to “Home Sweet Home”!

Grand-Parents Reading Day 2014

On, November 5th 2014, it was Grand-Parents Reading Day at my school. All the grandpa’s and grandma’s who were interested and who spoke English, had to fill in a form that was given with their name, grand-son/daughter’s name and classroom. Then, after a few days, you would receive a sticker from the child for when the day arrives, they will know your name. So the day arrived and Jake’s grandma came and Brynn’s grandparents came (Both of her grandparent came). There was a grandma from 2 children that were in different classes so they came to our class (Also because we didn’t have enough grandparents). I was in the group with Emilie S, Emily Y, Uma and April. The grandparent that was reading to us was Brynn’s grandpa. Since Brynn had 2 grandparents coming we had to switch so then Brynn’s grandparents can both read to her. We read a book called “The Tadpole’s Promise It’s a story about a tadpole falling in love with a caterpillar and the caterpillar doesn’t want the tadpole to change. Not knowing himself that he will change, the tadpole promises the caterpillar that he will not change. Days later, the tadpole and the caterpillar meet. The tadpole had gotten arms. The caterpillar says:

“You have broken your promise, I will give you a chance”.

Days later they meet again, the tadpole has gotten feet. The caterpillar says:

“Once again you have broken your promise, I will give you one more chance.”

So many days past, they meet again. The tadpole’s tail is gone. The caterpillar says:

“You have broken your promise and I already gave you a last chance.”

After that, the caterpillar goes up a nearby tree. Years later, the tadpole changed into a frog and the caterpillar chrysalises herself in a sleep and turned into a butterfly. Days later, the frog wonders, where his caterpillar would be. The butterfly says not knowing that her tadpole changed into a frog:

“Oh my tadpole where are you?”

Then, right away, the frog jumps up and eats the butterfly…

And wonders where his caterpillar went! (Ha ha ha! :D)

Then, we switched grandparents and read a Robert Munch story in french called Le BébéAfter, it was time for the grandparents to go… It was a fun day! 😀

Christmas Party @ City Hall~ Fête Noël Au Hôtel de Ville

Today my dad, Cherry, Amy, my grand-parents and I went to City Hall for a Christmas Party. When we first got to City Hall, we got in line to meet Mr. and Mrs. Claus first because last year, it was a long line. But this year we came around 2:30 so we had to wait VERY LONG. *UGH* Until FINALLY!!! The line moved! We met Emily ( A friend in my class) going outside with her dad. After a few minutes she came to us and said that her dad told her to stay with us and visit Mr. and Mrs. Claus. When its was our turn with Mrs. Claus, since we didn’t have a camera, we just talked to her. We all got a gingerbread cookie for visiting her. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that there was a list near Mr. Claus and “Santa’s Workshop” and there was my name written on both of the list. “Was I on the good or bad list?” But anyway, we finished the line with Mr. Claus getting bookmarks that you can write your name on it and 1 book with the setting of Christmas. After that, we went out to get beavertails . It was only the Cherry, Emily Amy and myself waiting in line. All the parents (Also Emily’s dad ) were talking near the entrance of City Hall. But after a while, Emily went roasting marshmallows and when she came back, Cherry and Amy went. I don’t like roasted marshmallows so I stayed in line with Emily (Emily was eating her marshmallow). When Cherry and Amy came back, Emily’s dad came and said that we could all go roasting marshmallows (Again for everyone except me). I decided to try one but after I tried it I threw it out. *Too Gooey* Then everyone went back into the line (Where Emily’s dad was standing) and waited. Until it was our turn we split up. Me, Emily and Emily’s dad. Cherry and Amy.We orderd in total 5 Kilalo Sunrises. After we went home. The beavertail was VERY DELICIOUS. 😀

Kilalo Sunrise : A normal beaver tail with lemon squirted on it.                                         Cinnamon & Sugar: A normal beavertail.