By Youth For Youth Performance

On Sunday January 11th 2015, my family and I went to Carlton University for a “By Youth For Youth” performance.The rythmic gymnastic (ORGC) competitive group that we were familiar with were participating too! We are only in the recreational group and the pre-competitive group I have to admit they were good! There was also a “Flava Factory” street dance group. They were also fantastic! There was a 15 minute intermission which was the time to buy raffle tickets, go to the washroom or eat in the hallway but we didn’t want to buy some of the raffle tickets. Later, the 15 minutes passed and the show continued. The second last performance was very creative… The title of the piece was called “Galloping Horses”. The funny and creative part was when they imitated the sound of a horse’s neigh! The instruments were a cello, double bass and a erhu. After the show the raffle started… The grand prize was a Iphone. One of the organisers got it! It’s like he organised the tickets and saved the grand prize for himself! 😛 Anyway it was fun!