Lion Dance At T&T Supermarket

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! Today at around 10:26 we went to T&T because we were to do our first lion dancing performance. Since my dad wanted me and my sister to do lion dancing like my brother so then we can earn money because after each performance and so then I can learn a new kind of dance. Since the performance was 30 minutes long, we were told to take turns dancing. Me and my sister shared a dragon with Cherry’s (my sister) classmate Aiden. So at the start, Aiden was the head of the lion and Cherry was the back. During the starting of the performance, they did a little speech of them giving our the red bags filled with goodies and stuff (like chocolate). Then we were to start our trail. The trail was just the whole supermarket with the purple lion to “eat” all the lettuce hung on different places on the walls. Then, at the place where they sell seafood, I replaced Aiden at the head part because he was tired. Then, near the cashiers, Aiden had to replace Cherry at the tail because she was tired. I asked Cherry if she wanted to replace me but she probably didn’t hear me because she didn’t come or give me an answer, so I was basically the head for the rest of the performance tired with sore arms. But gladly I did survive it! 😀 Anyways, at the end, we did a group photo and most of the performers were sweating (me too!) but my dad says it’s all about having fun! When you do lion dance with a group like the one that I did, you get money so I earned 20 bucks for just trying to do lion dance! Same as my sister. She also got 20 bucks. They also gave us water in case we needed it from the performance, because well, I already wrote it but because we were tired and sweating! 


School Carnival!

Today, during school there was a school carnival. Here is my class schedule for everything until the carnival:

8:30-9:30 *Math, 9:30-10:30 Language Arts, 10:30-11:00 Recess, 11:00-11:15 Lunch Break, 11:15-1:13 Carnival! 😀   *And Valentine Card Hand-Out