One other game I play on the computer is called Roblox. It’s a game with different games in them to play. When you play games you will get something called tix and you can trade it for Robux. 20 tix would be 1 Robux. Yeah, it’s expensive. But you can also buy stuff with tix! A game  I would recommend to play is called Work At A Pizza Place. My username is S338535149 And i’m really rich on that Work At A Pizza Place thing. I have like 1,_ _ _ not sure. :/ But ok! Another few game you should play are:
  • Mad murderer
  • Twisted murderer
  • Get Eaten
  • Rob a bank Obby
  • Some tycoon game
  • -Escape Jail Obby-
  • Survive The Disasters
  • Ripull Mini Games
  • Epic Mining 2
  • Escape The Zombie Island
  • Project: Pokemon
  • Subway Surfers Tycoon
  • Simon Says
  • Grow and Raise a Slime
  • The slenderman Obby
  • Survive Epic Disasters

So if you see the word Tycoon it means you will earn money to upgrade something. If you see the word Obby it means to go through a obstacle race thing.



Hi! If you guys like to play on the computer, this is a game that I play that is pretty fun! It’s called moviestarplanet. When you start there are places that have these things that look like presents. Click on them to get stuff. Also you have to be on level 6 or more to give stuff and wishies. Wishies are things that a player wants and you buy it for them. Hope you have fun with this game!
                              (P.S I’m Lilyflower123wk and I’m a celeb on level 14 and server is Canada)

27°-Loaf Rocks

On Saturday May 30th 2015 we after the previous activity I wrote was finished we went to the Ben Franklin Place to watch a movie called 27°-Loaf Rocks. The speaker who brought this movie there at the Ben Franklin Place asked why it was called 27°-Loaf Rocks and maybe it would be something in common with the movie. So we watched the movie and I noticed something about the title and the movie. By the way the movie was based on a real life. So there is this guy who is a boy and his family starts off poor living in a house made themselves. Then the boy ran away from home and got a job at the bakery and wanted to be a master of bread which he became. Then his mother died. He won the 2010 (?) France bakery champion thingy. The reason it’s called 27°– Loaf Rocks is because when they have to make the dough of the bread it will rise to 27° degrees. Or, it has to. Anyways the movie was funny when the guy won. They all were like screaming. It was funny! 😀

Lion Dancing Saturday May 30th (NEAR JUNE 14 OUR (CHERRY AND I (WERE TWINS)) BIRTHDAY)

Hello my dear fellows! Today I will tell write to you a thing I did today. The first thing that happened was the Lion Dance thing. So since my brother Kingsong used to do Lion Dance we started to continue for him since he started University. But the first show we did was at T&T like seriously inside the shop when it was around Chinese New Year which I probably wrote already? I’m not sure. But I think I did… Not sure. But anyways, this time it was near T&T like beside where you would see Anytime Fitness it would be in the parking lot in front under there. But we had to put on the lion pants in the washroom beside that place. So we did and this time me and my sister Cherry were in one lion because the show this time wasn’t long. So we practised a bit then at the start of the show they presented some helpers like supporters I forget how to say write but like there is a media one the main one and stuff like that? I’ll have to ask or do some re-search. But like they presented the principal of our chinese school who brought us to do the performance. There was also my chinese school grade 1 teacher that was named. But before they named these people, we started by doing the Lion Dance thingy to start it off. Since we were not so experienced, I just tried to copy what the experienced people did. And when Tony the very experienced guy said something I didn’t hear I guess we were supposed to sort of fight (In the lion language play) with each other. The purple Lion and the White lion fought and the yellow lion (Cherry and I) fought the other white lion. The other white lion was Aiden and his brother. Aiden was in Cherry’s day school class. But at the end people saw how young me and Cherry were and they sort of congratulated us. By the way I have to admit the bad thing to be the head is that the head is heavy but the good thing is you get to see where you’re going and you get the blink the eyes and move the ears and mouth. The good thing about being the back is it’s not heavy and you get to wag the tail (you do it with your hand) but the bad thing is you have to bend your back like seriously bend your back  A LOT so that they won’t see your head. Also you won’t be able to see where you’re going. When the dance was done, after they did all the talking we did it again to end the show but then we were interrupted to take a picture. So we took the picture, went to change (to take our lion pants off) waited for Tony to give us the money and went to the T&T shopping center! 😀 (P.S My arms hurt even right now when I wrote aprx. 524 word for one post. Wow!) (P.P.S My leg hurts for some reason. :/ )

Back Into Time With A Play

Hey guys, I’m gonna go into a (not) real time machine! WISH ME LUCK!

So I’m here at the Museum of History. And we were watching a play of the life of our 1st Prime Minister:

 Sir John Alexander Macdonald!

So we went to take a seat to watch the play. The play started with a song during a video was playing about Sir John A. Macdonald. They also mentioned that he loved to drink and probably got drunk? Don’t remember. But anyways. John married a lady named Isabel and they got their 1st child who then died. 😦 But they got other children! Later, Isabel died. 😦 So John was sad. Then, after a while John married a lady named Agnes. And the other stuff was not much fun. But I also kinda forgot about the rest but the Agnes made John stop drinking and the names changed it was like “Soon their names changed” “Sir….” “Sir…” “-In a bored voice- Mr ……” It was so funny! When the show ended, we went out of the theater and there was a reporter my brother went to talk to the reporter then we went home to sleep. I know this is probably a bad post.