27°-Loaf Rocks

On Saturday May 30th 2015 we after the previous activity I wrote was finished we went to the Ben Franklin Place to watch a movie called 27°-Loaf Rocks. The speaker who brought this movie there at the Ben Franklin Place asked why it was called 27°-Loaf Rocks and maybe it would be something in common with the movie. So we watched the movie and I noticed something about the title and the movie. By the way the movie was based on a real life. So there is this guy who is a boy and his family starts off poor living in a house made themselves. Then the boy ran away from home and got a job at the bakery and wanted to be a master of bread which he became. Then his mother died. He won the 2010 (?) France bakery champion thingy. The reason it’s called 27°– Loaf Rocks is because when they have to make the dough of the bread it will rise to 27° degrees. Or, it has to. Anyways the movie was funny when the guy won. They all were like screaming. It was funny! 😀


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