Dragon Boat Festival

On Saturday June 27th 2015, my dad, sister, grand-parents and I went to the dragon boat festival but before, we went to Dow’s Lake for a submarine thing. So we got there to just look at submarines. And we went to the dragon boat festival. At the festival they had to check your bags. Since I didn’t bring a bag, I just went in. So we started by watching the magician show. He balanced and farted. Well… I don’t really think he did fart he just said he did. Then we got free stuff and we watched a performance by the red blacks cheerleaders. It was short because they started when we were at the magic show for most of the time. After, we went around exploring and then went to get a sample of a drink. Then we went to a bicycle stunt show and this guy did cool tricks! He went on ramps and even the trailer that was in the festival! And we got his autograph! The End!


Virtual Ventures Programs

So on Monday June 15th. My dad and sister and I went to Centerpoint Library for a Virtual Ventures Program for the first time to learn how your computer organizes thing in your files or files in your computer. And we tested it out with tape on the floor and to see who is tallest and smallest and in the middle. I was the tallest in my group. There was two other people, Cherry and I. We were the last group to go. So before we did the test, we had papers and we tried to get numbers from smallest to biggest in the way the computer organizes files. The computer doesn’t see so if you already know your taller than someone or shorter than someone, you still need to measure yourself with the other person.

School Field Trip– Pow-Wow

On Friday June 19th, our school (Only the grades 1-6) went to the Pow-Wow at Vincent Massey Park. Last year my sister’s class went with my this year teachers last year class. Only those 2 classes went but this year, we all went. The JK’s and SK’s had a performance. So we went on a bus with another grade 5 class. When we got there we had a 30 minute break because it all starts at 10:00. The first thing we did was check out the tipi’s then at 10:00 we went to our first station with the rest of our school. We went to the big tent where they demonstrated Throat singing from the inuit women. Then they showed us some inuit games that we played at the breack….. NOT FINISHED MAYBE WILL BE TOMMOROW’S TOMMOROW!

Virtual Ventures @ Centerpoint Library

On June, 15, 2015, me and my sister Cherry went to the Centerpoint Library for a program called Virtual Ventures. So got there by car and it was very warm. We went into the room where the program took place. It was from ages 8-11. We started with an introduction and then they gave each of a us a package with lots of metal stuff in it. We were introduced to different kind of circuits and how they work. We saw something like that in the DVD of Bill Nye the Science Guy. So we were pretty familiar with circuits. So we tried the instructions on the instruction book and all the pieces we needed were in the set. After a few minutes. We started doing some hard stuff and we finished them. It was very fun. When it was almost time to go, they gave each one a piece of paper that shows their summer programs. So then, we took the ride home and I started to write this! 😀

(P.S My dad says he might buy the set we worked with at the library)

(P.P.S There will not be anymore of these P.S thingys after this one.)


Track And Field 2015

So this event did happen last year when I got 1st in 100m and 3rd in standing long jump. This year, in grade 4 you can do more things. But only long jump, all long distances, 100m and 200m, and softball throw. I tried out for 100m long jump and ball throw and made it for long jump and ball throw. My sister Cherry did the 800m (long distance) to just see how the track meet is like. My friend Emily Yuan made it for ball throw with me and Emily Yousafi made it for long jump with me. Summer and Lily R. did 100m and relay. And Summer and Uma did 200m. When it was the day of the meet I brought the schedule and already saw that my first activity was at 09:30 AM and was the ball throw. The teacher who was leading the ball throw told us we get 3 tries to throw a ball and our best length will count for the ribbons. It’s sort of weird but I’m pretty sure that my throws at the meet were better than the throws that I do at the practices. Weird. :/ But I’m glad they are! 😀 So I didn’t really see the rest but I was the second one to throw my throws. The girl in front of me who went first was from broadview. Broadview is a good school to be an athlete. Thier good at long distances like at Cross-Country. But let’s not change the subject. So she threw her throws and after I threw my throws. I was feeling good when I saw how far I threw my 3 balls. The teacher who ran the ball throw didn’t tell us our distance. So I was wondering what my distance was. So Emily Yuan who also did the ball throw with me asked for me to stay. So I watched her. When it was time to see who won a ribbon… I got… SECOND PLACE! YAY! Sadly Emily Yuan didn’t get one. 😦  But she tried her best. After the boys grade 4 ball throw. Sean the guy from our school who participated in it was 2 cm away from being 6th place and the ribbons are only from 1-6th place but for long distances it’s 1-4th place. And so it was pretty good because now I have a 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place ribbon!