3 years of blogging!

Wow. Time passes fast! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I’ve been blogging on this website of my own. Now I know how to write proper blog unlike the ones I wrote in September 2012. Big difference! 😀 So proud of myself! Like now I can write posts with 100 or more words! But before I’m just like:

Subject: Swimming

Today we went to ‘Place’ for swimming lessons. It was sooooooooooooooooooooo fun!

Now I’m like

Subject: Swimming

On ‘Date’ my sister and I went to bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla (x100)

Thanks for following a 10 yrs old girl!


Code Party!

On Tuesday July 28th 2015 my dad, mom, sister and I went to South West Hotel for a code party. My dad said we had to go there instead of baseball because he told me if it’s held at a hotel and it has free refreshments, it means their ri¢h! Faye also went there too. When we parked our car I saw Faye’s mom’s car. When we went in line to show that were here, we saw Zoe there too! She was probably the youngest one there to attend that party. So before it started I grabbed some yummy food ! It was good I have to say! When Erica introduced today’s party I sat there gobbling up the bread and the egg sandwich I took.  After there were presentation from different people. After the presentations were done there was a group of kids that played the djembe for the audience. This is a djembe

So after it was free time and they put the food back out and I took some bread! 😀 Deeeeelicious! Miam! After we (Faye, Cherry and I) went to check out the 3-D printers. And also Scratch a coding website. I do Codecademy which is where you learn different types of code languages the computer understands and scratch is where you make your own thing with code already written. I would recommend first to try codecademy and then do scratch so that you would understand more stuff. But they both have lessons. After I got hot water and then we went home!


Chamber Fest: Bring The Kids #1

On July 29th 2015 before the library event, my sister and I went to City Hall for the Bring The Kids event from the Chamber Fest 2015. It was a string quartet that was performing. There was a cello, violins (2), viola. 4 people. They started with a classical song (Rap included.). And it was funny! Everyone laughed at the rap part. But it was good I have to say. Then they played a few other songs when the microphone batteries went out so we had to wait for the new batteries. Finally, the guy with the microphone told us that the quartet would play a song related to Mexico, the last place where they visited. The guy who did the Rap part in the first song sang “r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r caramba!” and we all laughed! After daddy told us it was time to leave for the library program. To be continued in another post. 😀

Out of The Park-Carlingwood

On Wednesday July 29th, my sister and I went to Faye’s mom’s rented car (because the one she owned was in repair). We just finished the Chamber Music Festival at City Hall. It was cool. So when we got there, Emily was already seated. There were 6 people including us (Faye, Cherry and me.) There was a visit from a worker at the Nepean Museum. Her name is Katie I think. She told us the history about baseball and we made a craft. But before, we had a cross-word puzzle and a word search to solve. It was all about baseball. I was the 2nd person to finish it. Cherry was before me. The craft was a flag made out of felt and we would use sticky stickers from the bags she brought and we would stick them on. There was also stars and numbers. We all wanted a hash tag but there weren’t any. 😦 So I took a white flag and my letters. An R,O,S,E and a G,O before the ROSE. I also got a big blue star and a small yellow star stacked on each other (x3) and put the 3 of them on different places. It was fun! When I was done, I wrote the information on my fake baseball card. How many home-runs in 2015? A lot! 😀

Chamber Fest 2015

On July 25th 2015, my sister and I with my dad and his parents went to the National Art Gallery for the Chamber Fest. It happens annually and is pretty interesting. When we got there, we listened to 3 people under the white tent. They had a violin, keyboard and a bass. It was outside by the way. At 2:00pm it ended and we went shopping for food. After we came back to listen to a MC talking about Franz Joseph Haydn’s life. Franz Joseph Haydn is a composer who had a very interesting life. After an hour I think, it was done when we met daddy who was parking the car when we went inside. He told us they didn’t let him in because it was full but really, it wasn’t. :/

Nature Calling —> Emerald Plaza Library

On July 24 2015, my sister and I went to the Emerald Plaza Library for a Nature Calling event for the summer reading program running for ages 10-12. We started by taking pip-cleaners and we put Cheerios on them for bird feeders. Then after we were placed into teams. Minions vs. Pinions. Pinions are the purple minions and minions are the yellow looking things like this:

Pinions are these:

I was a minion and so was my sister. First we played guess which plant this fruit/food comes from. We only got 2/7 right. But it was ok. Then we got normal colored pinecones and the pinions got purple pinecones. The first team to throw all of his/her’s team’s pinecones all in, wins! And we won at the end by a 1v1. After we made a minion and pinion tic-tac-toe game. With rocks. Colored rocks. After we got to play throw the frisbee into the hoop and it was a tie. The end!

Science – Unschooled @ Carlingwood Library

On July 23rd 2015 my grandpa sent my sister and I to the Carlingwood library (we went by foot) for a Science Unschooled event for the summer reading program you can get more info here to log in you must get a reading kit with a code. They all have a code in the kit. You can get it anywhere. You could also ‘like’ the jokes they have in joke of the day. Some I already knew but I still clicked the ‘like’ button anyways. So when we got there like always we were early and they open the doors five minutes before the program starts so I sat down on a bench a took a book and read the book. It was from the Lou series. After when I was about done the book we went inside the meeting room where the event took place and we read a story called “The Science Project that almost ate the whole school”. But almost was in teeny tiny spelling. But not that tiny. 😛 “Usually we don’t start with books in programs from ages 10-12” said Tania our instructor. “But since this is a good book because we’ll be doing science today, we’ll read this book.” she continued. After the book was finished, we went to the first table: Making Fake Boogers. When we put in all the ingredients, Tania told us what boogers were made out of: Sugar and….. I forgot.  But anyways. We waited for a booger sample to be made but it was too liquidy.  Tania told us to go to the next table while waiting. It was: Make your own (yucky(after tasting)) phizzy lemonade!:D And we added backing soda (which made it taste gross) sugar and water. Then we went back for the booger experiment. Someone volunteered to taste it… GROSS…..ECK….. But wow… did she not taste anything. I did not want to see her eat it. By the way I think “she” is a girl named Martha. After we made cookie dough and added some sprinkles, eyeball candies and colorful chocolate chips! It tasted like butterscotch. Weird but FUN DAY! 😀