Ottawa Champions vs. the Rockland Boulders?

On Saturday August 29th at 6:00pm we went to the stadium of the Ottawa champions baseball league. We got free tickets for the baseball game we played every Tuesdays. It was supposed to be Ottawa Champions vs. The Rockland Boulders but for some reason it was for the Garden State Greys. Or is it Golden State Greys. I’m not so sure. We had to get there at 6:00pm when the game starts at 7:05pm  because we were supposed to meet the other teams of the baseball we played at the 3rd floor. When a guy with a microphone said it was time to start, we had to go the the mini stage and listen to him. The first activity was to get a baseball container and search for these 2 players I forgot. I didn’t get them anyways. But the 2 winners would get a signed ball. Then, we got hot dogs and drink. Sprite or Coke. I chose Sprite. After when it was time for the game to start, it was raining so we watched the game inside. We scored 2 points when the Greys scored 3. But then when the Champions were batting, we got 2 points! Then we waited until the horse race was done, so the game would go on. After, when it stopped raining, we went outside to watch the game. It was I think the 7th inning when it was the scream for pizza. I was sure the family with the bangers would get a pizza. And they did. I forgot who got the pizza for the other ones who were giving the pizza. When it was over, the game continued. I had to go to the washroom after Luis Gonzalez batted. I think he went to first base. After the next batter had 3 strikes, we had one out. Then 2 other people batted when Luis Gonzalez was at third. If he ran to home after the next person bats, we would have to score another point at the champions last turn until the end or Overtime if there is overtime in baseball. But when the batter batted, the Ottawa Champions got 2 more outs until Luis Gonzalez got his point to tie the game! 😀 Wow! But then, the team-mates of Luis Gonzalez were mad at him for jogging to the home plate instead of sprinting. D:



On August 29 2015 we went to Andrew Hayden Park for my mom’s company’s annually BBQ. Last year it was at Britannia Park this year they moved he BBQ to Andrew Hayden Park for some reason. When we got there, we walked to this random spot not knowing that it was where the BBQ took place (because there were other groups having parties)  until we saw the sign that was supposed to be mom’s BBQ we were invited to. Mommy already got the tickets for the food. When the food was ready to eat. I took a hot dog with ketchup on it. The hot dog was a little big so I ate the sausage and then the bread. After half way through my bread we had to go to Code Jojo.


On Saturday August 29th 2015 we went to a place called Codejojo to code. We had to bring our own laptop and so we brought the lenovo computer and my brothers mac computer. When we got there we started with an introduction for microchips. Then we could choose to stick to hardware or to go to game design or web developpment. I chose game design with scratch and made a game called Palm Tree Jump. It’s pretty fun. After making that game, I tried web developpment with codecademy. It was quite interesting because I already knew about scratch and codecademy. 😀 🙂 😛 So after a few courses I think I got about 3 badges from codecademy, and since my dad and mom came we had to go. It was a fun day! 😀

Coding For Kids

Day 1:

On July 11th 2015, we went to the coding for kids camp. Faye our friend, also was there. We arrived at the same time. When we got there, they were adjusting the projector. Until a lot of kids and volunteers had arrived we talked about who knew how to code (Only Faye, Cherry and I) and then we would do an ice breaker, we would say our name and then we would say a game we play using technologies examples:




Subway Surfers

Minion Rush


…and more

Rowda would always ask who plays that game after each person says their ice breaker. When a guy said an unfamiliar game, none of us except the guy that said the game raised his hand. And so he told us what you do. It is a worm who eats people but if the worm eats a star, people shoot at the worm. Lol! 😀 Shooting at a worm! I said subway surfers and everybody except one person raised their hand! Cherry said Roblox and only me and another guy raised their hand. Faye said Poptropica and only Cherry,  a volunteer and I raised their hand but were too addicted to Roblox. You really should try Roblox it’s so fun and you get to create games if you buy builders club. So after the leader who just graduated from college put 5×5 rows of cards and she would turn some cards over and then we would choose a few people to turn it over, then she would try to find the ones that were turned. Then she let us try it after she told us the trick. The trick was that you would flip over the either 2 cards or 4. And the ones with uneven numbers of card flipped, it would be one of them that was turned over. I got to flip cards. I didn’t get a chance to be the one finding the cards. It was to learn how computers detect bugs.Then we did a relay race. I was in group 2 and Faye with Cherry was in group 2. The relay was this. So group 2 won the first round and we won the 2nd round. It was a tie but they put and arrow and the wrong row. Now that was chance! Then, Erica put construction paper on the ground (5×5) and the leader that graduated from college would tell us math and the answer would have an x. So say she said 2×5-6 on row 3 then I would put a X on the 4th square on row 3. Then she meant 1 but she said 5×1 which equals 5 but she thought it was 1. But everyone makes mistakes and we learn from it! 😀 So then we got snack, I had what I always have for school, rice mixed with corn, beans and egg. It was delicious! After we went outside for some fresh air and watched films (very short) of coding. Then, we got into art. We would choose an app to draw and paint on a canvas. I chose Chrome and Cherry chose Roblox. Sephora helped me with the outside circle and the inside circle. Then I got my paint and I painted:


anotherpicofroseschromeOr this with my hand on it. 😛

Thanks to Sephora who made the circle look so pretty!

But I liked Fatima’s Jetpack Joyride thingy:


After that we waited for our mom to come. She also picked Faye up because we had a baseball game to win!

Day 2:

On July 12th 2015 my sister and I went back to camp. After a few minutes, Faye came in and joined us. We talked about tomorrow’s trip to Fuel and Shopify and how we would get ready and she would give prizes to the ones who write blogs about them since Erica already read my blog. 😀 I would have to write about it anyways. So then we started with looking at the scratch creations Hibo and Yezen made. Hibo made a wizard ping-pong game and Yezen made a car racing game. Then we made a game together. It was a game where you try to get the balls to touch the green button. Then we went upstairs to make our own scratch game. But first we took 5 minutes to think about the game we would make. I made a maze game during that time but it’s not done yet. After a long time of doing scratch, we went back downstairs for lunch time. After, we went outside for fresh air (we probably will do that every day). It was a good break from the computers. We were on them for like an hour or so. So we went to the swings they had. And after a few minutes having fun, we went to the other park to play sand man. I was it a few times (like 3 times maybe?). 😛 But it was fun! Then we went back to where the camp took place and we watched videos of girls doing programming because more males do programming and they also want girls to program. I code which is part of programming I think. Then we started Lego Mindstorm

Image result for lego mindstorms creations and this picture is what we build. My group was with my sister Cherry and a guy whose name is He Chun but people call him Jeff. We built this part:


It was pretty simple but Yezen told us it was a 3 people needed to build this kind of part sort of thing. So after everyone was done building their parts, Yezen put it together and we watched it move. Lego Mindstorm has an app where you can control the machines you build. It’s cool but it costs about $500. ßecause we also were planning to do Goldie Blox some people were allowed to do Goldie Blox and the other would play with the Lego Mindstorm machine we built. I first chose Goldie Blox because I was wondering what it was about. Sephora (who was leading the Goldie Blox) told us it was to attracted girls to do engineering. We built the Dog Dunk Tank. It was Goldielock’s dog who was dirty and her dog didn’t want to go wash so she put a attraction at the park and you have to throw the ball onto the target so the dog will fall and clean himself in the water. This is the Goldie Blox dog dunk tank:

So after we were done building, we got to try it. I hit the dog instead of the target. XD Then we got to get licorice and waited for my mom to come and get us.

Day 3:

Today at coding camp, it was field trip day. We were going to Fuel and Shopify. Erica rented 2 large vans for us to sit and wait in. Because we were going to Fuel and Shopify in these vans. Our guide’s name was Phil. When we got to Fuel I noticed they had a lot of Davey Awards. About Fuel:

  • They take pictures and photoshop their faces in them and it makes a funny photo
  • Fuel was founded in 1999
  • Knows GoldieBlox and Lego Mindstorm
  • Makes different types of media
  • Makes games with code!

Audio Room

  • Different parts of the wall have extra layers of wall so sound won’t reflect and it makes a calmer room
  • The window is slanted so the sound will go down instead of reflecting
  • Makes the sounds in the games Fuel Industries create

The Audio Studio is very expensive. If work is done, you would never feel it. Then we headed to another room. One part was green and the other was white. The green part is for movement and for changing background and the white part was for photography. Phil said that the character who plays Barney the Dinosaur came to Fuel for an advertisement before! Wow! So then we went back to the vans to eat and we went to Shopify.

At Shopify (Guide: Wesly):

  • Shopify is very big
  • They own the 11th floor all the way to the 6th floor :0
  • Lots of relaxation rooms
  • Go kart racing room! :0
  • FREE chip stand
  • Lots of cool places to work
  • Hockey shirts with Shopify on back
  • The chive is the most popular item
  • Apparel: Most popular category on shopify
  • Rooms have names like mushroom kingdom
  • In the meeting room with a TV there is a 3-D printed chandelier
  • More places to work
  • Xbox!

My sistah Cherry said that Shopify was envying her. Wesly said Shopify wants their employees to be happy. 😀

So that was our day

The end!

Day 4:

Today we went to OU and Prodotype D’s trailer in Vanier. At Ottawa University, we went to the makerspace to do tinkercad. 3-D designing. The coolest thing I designed was 3-D party glasses. But we didn’t print it out. We got to keep 3-D printed ducks! But before, we took a photo. There was a makerspace sign that Sephora held that was 3-D printed! 3-D printing is so cool, you can do anything with it! But you just have to design it. After we got our ducks, we went to Vanier to see the Prodotype D trailer. When we first got there, we went up to the roof. All hand made! It had solar panels for the electricity and plants. I looked down for some reason but it wasn’t that bad. After he explained all about Prodotype D and told us the solar panels were for electricity, I went back down to check out the 3-D printer. They had models of houses. Oh by the way, prodoype D is a architecture company. Then, a guy showed us the website they use for designing 3-d models. It wasn’t tinkercad though. He showed us how it was different from tinkercad (because he knew what tinkercad was) You could take a shape and put a whole into a certain place. However you want it to be. So after a while, we went back to where our camp took place and got ring pops for us to write a post about this trip! And what you were reading was the post for the ring pop. Oh yeah. The flavor I got was Cherry with Lime. It was a limited edition.

Baseball Tournament

On August 25th 2015 we were 4th place for the baseball tournament for the bronze medal. We used to be 3rd but for some reason we had to play the 4th place for a bronze medal. We started by throwing and catching the ball. Then we did rock paper scissors to choose to be batter or defense. Our team won the rock paper scissors and chose to be batter. I got 2 points in 2 rounds. For the last inning, it was tie so I guess the blue zombies had to get one point to get the bronze medal I didn’t know that but O.K. So that’s how they won. But we got a participating medal. It was a silver colored medal with a 2 baseball bats in a x shape with a maple leaf on one side and a baseball on the other. We also got chocolate bars from a lady. 😀 It was good!

I’m an Archaeologist!

On Sunday August 23rd 2015 my dad, mom, sister and I went to Pinhey’s Point Historic Site for an event. We were digging for stuff in the dirt to see what they did a long time ago. They had a picture of Pinhey’s Point with a wall and they thought that they could try to find out what they did. We went to the wall but it was broken into rocks. The thing is that there were 2 bottles there on the ground. One was Coca-Cola about 60 years old. Then, we did hands on activities. The first one, someone would dump a bucket of dirt digged from Pinhey’s Point onto a machine and my sister and I would shake it and the leftovers could be something new. Then we started digging for stuff. I digged some broken pieces of glass. Mostly from plates and cups. I also digged a crayon and a toy dinosaur. 😀 😛 XD

Makerspace North

On Saturday, August 22nd the whole family went to the makerspace north for an official opening event. There were little bits demonstrations, makey makey boards, even Fuel industries were there! They had LED lights that stuck to metal like magnets. Since the ceiling was made from metal, they threw a LED light thing onto the ceiling! And it’s still there! 😀 😛 XD. Also the guy who gave us the tour at Shopify was there just to browse probably.  But there was also a table football to play. Since our big brother came home from university, my sister and I played against him. He won obviously. Then we played with little bits. It was so cool. After that, we waited to go home.