Loving the Silent Tears the MUSICAL

After the Francophone BBQ, we went to Centerpoint theater for the movie screening of Loving the Silent Tears the Musical

May each one find his peace  

We first went inside to find a spot to sit. The movie was a screening of a LIVE show. I do not want to spoil the musical. 😀 At the end of the show, we went out of the theater to eat. There was food laid out for us to try. It was all *vegan. I liked the cookies the best. But they were crunchy. But that didn’t matter. It was a good time! 😀


  1. a person who does not eat or use animal products.
    “I’m a strict vegan”

Francophone BBQ

On Saturday September 26th 2015, my family and I went to Knoxdale P.S for the BBQ. But before, we had to get Amy because she was coming with us. We started linening up at the BBQ line. But since it was boring, we went to the play structure to play. The play structure had monkey bars and just bars. After my mom came and told us we were almost getting our food at the BBQ line, we went to daddy to wait with him. So we all got hamburgers, juice and chips. Then we sat down to eat. After getting full, Amy and Cherry went to the bouncy castles. I didn’t want to because my head would hurt if I did. So I just watched them. Then, I played some game where you throw metal roundy thingies into the boxes. I was okay at that. So then, we went to do a treasure hunt. There were papers hidden around the place and we would have to find the papers and write down the answers to the questions on the paper that we had that was on the paper that we found. After, I finished the paper, I got markers. Cherry got a drawing board and Amy got old maid cards. After, the draw happened. We didn’t win. 😦 Sad. But then we got to a film screening!

P.S (I will write about that in the next post.) 🙂

Baidu Restaurant

On September 19th 2015, Duang Yang’s mom invited my family to dinner at Baidu Restaurant near Walmart. When we went in, we were seated at a table that has 3 of us on one side and 3 of us on the other. We got drinks first. I ordered watermelon juice. Cherry got apple juice, Duang Yang ordered cocoacola and the rest of the adults got water. Then, we started ordering food. We ordered lots of meat and seafood. It’s that we had to cook it. There were 2 choices: Hot Pot or BBQ. We chose BBQ. After, the meat and the seafood, we got rice. It was spicy so I didn’t eat much. Then, after I finished my watermelon juice, we ordered sprite. I drank pretty much a lot. After, we finished the meat and seafood, we got ice cream! I got chocolate and Cherry got vanilla like usual. But after the vanilla ice cream Cherry got, she wanted more! So did I, so we went to get more. When we were done all that ice cream, we went home. It was a yummy time! 😀

First Annual Fall Kickoff BBQ Bike Rodeo

At Woodroffe Avenue Public School. It was an exciting day. It was the first annual bike rodeo and BBQ at our school. We had the bikes in the car because we had other stuff before the event. When we got there, we got a hamburger. And also I got a crush cream soda can. And I also forgot I got cheetos puffs for my chip bag. Then, I sat down to eat my hamburger. It was good! Then, I went to do the bike rodeo with my friends and sister. They were Kaitlyn, Sylvie, Madeline and my sister Cherry. The bike rodeo was fun, we continued it several times. It was so funny! Then, we went over our hand signals. I learnt them from a book that we got at the Vanier bike rodeo. After the bike rodeo, I joined Kaitlyn and Cherry at the junior yard’s play structure. Then, I got a bag of chips to eat. It was ruffles all dressed. It tasted good! Then, I watched Kaitlyn and Cherry go on the bouncy castle. I didn’t because I wasn’t feeling right. Then, it started raining so we went home.

Vacation Bible School

On Saturday September 12th 2015, my sister Cherry and I went to St. Paul’s church for VBS. When we got there, we watched Mary Anna and Jess play Twister against each other. Mary Anna fell when she had to put here right hand on green. Then, I got a turn to go against Mary Anna. After I won with half a star of difficulty, Mary Anna, invited the pastor to play twister against her. The pastor wanted to look good while playing the game. After, Mary Anna fell and pastor won. He said “Thank you for not making me look bad.”. LOL So then, we went to sit at a table. And Story-Teller Sarah, told us the story of a devil trying to make Jesus sin. Then, we had a snack. I ate goldfishes, grapes, cheese and cucumbers with dip. So then, we went to another building beside the church for our lesson. It was the story of the devil trying to make Jesus sin. But we had a work sheet to do and we played hang-man. After all that, we went back to the church for art and crafts. We had a canvas and we had to put like a sort of tape already cut on it. And then we painted the rest of the canvas a certain color. Then we took the tape off, and we  wrote words on it. The words were a saying from the bible. After, we went to have lunch! We had chili and garlic bread. I took a bowl of chili with 3 garlic breads. Then, we had ice cream with cones! It was napoleon. But I chose chocolate and strawberry. It was good. But the pastor wanted a photo of everyone at the stage with our ice creams. After we finished our ice creams, we had games. We started with relay races. First, we had one noodle (the ones you swim with) and a partner in your team. There were 2 teams with 4 people in them. So each team had to go twice. My team had Mary Anna, Christian, Faith and myself. We won the first game! Yay! So then, we played a game where we had to make a new team about height. Because we had a ball to hold with our heads. And we won again! Yay! After, we got to play several games with the parachute! We started with a game where we had 2 balls put in the middle and we tried to not make it fall. The next game was where