How to guide a horse

To guide a horse while your walking it:

To move left you pull left. WARNING: Make sure the horse doesn’t step on your feet!

To move right you pull right.

To make the horse walk forward pull gently forward.

To stop pull back.

To guide a horse while your on it:

To make it start kick the sides with both feet.

To stop pull the reins.

To turn left pull the left rein.

To turn right pull the right rein.

To stop pull both reins.


B-day Party At Greenbank Riding School.

On Sunday October 25th 2015, my sister Cherry and I were invited to Alyssa’s birthday party at Greenbank riding school. When we got there, only April and Dilly (Adalia) were there. We were the 3rd ones there. Then, Emma and her little sister Maya came. We looked at the horses that were already outside. There was a big horse’s name that turned out to be Rose like me! And she was only 3! Pretty tall for a 3 year old! So then, we went to see which helmet we would use for the riding. Then, we got a horse to bring to the small but big barn like thingย to learn how to walk and steer a horse without riding it. That’s when Brynn, Diana and Alyssa came. I wanted to ride Tralala but I ended up getting Lilly. So I got used to walking in the mud, walking in the horse poop and walking with the horse. Then we went out of the small but big barn like thing and went outside to ride on the horse. I got on Lilly and tried to stop it from leaning down (which frightened me every time) to eat the apples that were on the mud. So then, we played follow the leader with horses. But I barely had to steer because Lilly was a good girl to follow Cherry’s horse who’s name was Buddy. I was followed by April’s horse: Rico (pronounced Rihko). So we went around and on the obstacles. But the obstacles were just for the horses to walk over. Then, we all stopped our horses. Eventually if the horse in front of you stops, then your horse is gonna stop without you steering it. Then, Buddy bit a 25 year old horse (I forgot the horse’s name)’s eye! OMG ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I feel bad. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So then we started trotting on the horse. It was bouncy. After that, we brought the horse’s inside their barn because it was cold out. We went into the club house for pinata, food and cake. Then we got out loot bags and went home! It was a fun day! ๐Ÿ™‚

Trick Or Treating With The Mayor

On Saturday October 24th 2015, we went to Zicheng’s house to pick them up to bring them to the Annual Trick Or Treating With the Mayor event. It was at City Hall. We first lined up for the costumed characters. It took about 25-45 mins. to wait in line. So it was long. Until we got to the first characters from Harry Potter. I’ve never read the books but I’m 100% sure there was a Harry Potter. Then, we got to the Heros: Superman, Spiderman and Batman. They gave candy at every station. After we got to the characters from Inside Out. There was Joy, Sadness and Disgust. After we went to the princesses: Snow White, Belle and Cinderella. Then, it was Olaf, Anna and Elsa from Frozen. We took a photo with them and went outside to see Dorthy Ann, Scarecrow, Coward Lion and Tin Man from The Wizard Of Ozz. They were funny! After that it was the Minions handing out bananas! LOL Then, we went to the witch’s den. It wasn’t scary at all. We got green apples at the end. Then we went outside to get more stuff. Then, we went to decorate a pumpkin and got cookies and went to a ride on the giant tiger train! ๐Ÿ˜€ It was fun!

Community Day At The Movies

On Saturday October 24th 2015, we skipped chinese school to go the movies for community day. But first we had to get Amy who was coming with us. When we got there, we had to get our tickets. The 3 of us (Cherry, Amy and I) were gonna watch Despicable Me 2 in 3D. Our dad was gonna watch fast and furious. So then we got popcorn and drinks. I chose Fanta Orange and the other 2 got nestea. And we got straws and 3D glasses. Then, we went to the theatre and watched the movie. It was hilarious! My favorite part was when I’m pretty sure it was Kevin laughed at a minion that turned purple and then he turned purple and he was like “oooooooo”! Then, after the movie was done, we recycled our 3D glasses and went out to wait for our dad. But then we saw Jake and his dad and little brother. Aww man!

Tier 1 Grade 5-6 Soccer Tournament

On Tuesday October 20th 2015, the girls in grade 5-6 who tried out for the soccer team went in front of the office to get ready to go to the soccer court near Knoxdale P.S. Since Mr. Hume thought we were all grade 6’s, we had to be called down thanks to Aviva, Adalia(Grade 5 Cherry(my sister)’s classmate who also both are participating in the tournament)’s sister. Because Mr. Hume only went into grade 6 classes to remind them. So we had to go on a car with Mr. Hume. When we got there, we got stuff ready. Adalia, Cherry and I (the only grade 5’s) stretched a little. Broadview (a school whose students areย very good at sports) were there! Thereย a little very hard to defeat. Since Mr. Hume didn’t want to cut any students, all 22 students were there. 3 shifts. But I was the extra. It wasn’t that bad. I just had to replace a defence from each team in from our school (Woodroffe). The teams were Snipers, $waggerMcJagger$, and the Masters. I first played defence for Masters. It was against Knoxdale. The school whose field were using, well probably beside their school. But it was a tie: 0-0. After the game, we all had to shake the other teams hands. And we all said “good game” but since it was like a tongue twister, after like a few people I was silent. Then, we went to the other field. But since Mr. Hume said we’d be on that field for the rest of our games, we moved all our stuff there. Then, we went versus J.H Putman. And that’s when we lost 2-1. Kealey scored that goal ๐Ÿ™‚ But we still lost. But it was at least fun! But we still lost. So we still had to do the shake hands and say “good game” thing but this time, it wasn’t that much of a tongue twister! Yay! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜› EMOJI! Sorry. ๐Ÿ˜› So then, “OH NU!” we were going against BROADVIEW! One of them put their arm out and pushed me away from themself! And Aviva was stopped to do that but she wasn’t! So unfair. But I don’t think I protest. ๐Ÿ˜› So gladly it ended as a 0-0! I like that emoji: 0-0 hehe. So we then shaked hands and said our stuff. And we got our break! So we watched Broadview go against Medowlands. When they were playing I had to see how good the Medowlands students were because turned out we would be playing them next. So they played Broadview and it was a 0-0. Which either means Broadview and Medowlands have good defence or it’s hard for them to score. So after it was our turn to play Medowlands. Dun dun dududududududududu! So we played them and GUESS WHAT! WE WON! 3-0 and Kealey scored all the goals! SHE’S OUR HEROINE! So then, we shook hands and we went to Mr. Hume. He asked us to say thanks to the parent volunteers and when the organizer came to pick up the flags, we asked what place we were and he said that we tied for 3rd! So then, we went on the car with Mr. Hume to go back to school. On the way there, Mr. Hume said that we didn’t have this for like a real competition, it was so the people who can’t afford to play soccer can play soccer. So he said that Kealey really didn’t have to join because she already plays competitive soccer. Because if it were to win, he would of get the best 7 people and cut the rest of the team. But at the last game, since Sienna left and Logan was hurt, people had to replace her so I stayed in the $waggerMcJagger$ in forward. So it was a great day! ๐Ÿ™‚

Cross-Country In Grade 5 (2015)

On Tuesday October 13th 2015, the children who participated in cross-country from our school (Woodroffe Avenue Public School) from grades 2-6 went to gym 1 to get ready to get boarded on a bus to the competition against other schools. I was in Madeline’s mom’s group. Group 12. I’m pretty sure it was 2 buses that had to have grade 5’s and 6’s from our school to go on a bus and pick up the kids from W.E Gowling. Since the group I was in had grade 6’s andย grade 5’s, we were supposed to go on the bus. But since Madeline’s brother in a lower grade was in another group, they sent group #11 instead of us. When we got there, the grade 2 boys and girls were starting their race! So quickly. But the bus that also had to pick up W.E Gowling hadn’t arrived yet. So the gun went on and the grade 2’s started running. One kilometer for them their lucky! When they came back, Isaac was 2nd. It was a Broadview student in first. Broadview have really good long distance runners. And in 9th was Summer’s little sister Maryn. Wow! It was probably because we had the most grade 2’s. I can determine that because we were the only school that took up 2 lanes. ๐Ÿ˜› After it was grade 3 girls. Rushian’s little sister came in 2nd! It was also 1 kilometer. Then the grade 3 boys. After, the grade 4 girls then boys! Then the grade 5 girls. I was part of that. With Cherry, Lily, Sylvie, Summer, Uma, Jessica, Madeline, Emily, Raneem and Kaitlyn. When the gun went on, I started running. When I was near the fence, I started getting a cramp. Probably everyone else because they were all holding their stomachs. We also had to go on the bike path and onto the hill and down the hill. That made it harder. When I looked in front of me, I saw Sylvie in 2nd! Sylvie is very good at long distances. In grade 3, she got 15th because she was running with me both of us not knowing it was important to be near the 1st-9th place! ๐Ÿ˜› But that was still good though! After, there were people saying “Keep pushing yourself” but I’m pretty sure it was Lily said it was annoying. Finally, we went half way through the soccer field into where everyone was standing: Near the finish line. There was a Broadview girl walking with her hand on her stomach. She had a stomach cramp like me but somehow I got the energy to sprint and beat her. :O But yay! A better number! So I ended up getting 47th place. Sylvie got 9th, Summer got 20th, Lily got 17 or something like that, Cherry got 39th and Kaitlyn got 38th! I saw my piano teacher’s daughter Amy. She was in grade 4 and got 6 something place. After, the grade 5 boys went. Ariyo (Teletelumpicus) got 1st, Wyatt who fell 2 times got 5th and the other boys got a good spot. After the grade 6 girls then boys went. The grade 5’s had to run 1.8 kilometers and the grade 6 had to run 2.2 kilometers. Which basically should be tiring. But after all it was a tiring day!

Learning Hockey for the 1st time

On Saturday October 10th 2015 my sister and I went to Richcraft center to play hockey for the first time. We had to put on full equipment plus the jersey. We first started skating all around the rink and then got into groups for drills. The first one was to learn how to skate with one foot. Then, to shoot goals in empty but small nets. So we would have a puck. And then we would shoot goals! After that, we played a game. There were 2 teams. White jerseys and red ones. I was a white one. We lost the game because there was a guy on the other team that already experienced hockey before. But it was still fun!