Maker Fair 2015

On Sunday November 8th 2015, my sister, mother and I went to the Brittania Food Pantry Building to go on a bus to the Maker Fair. It was free for the children and $10 for the adults. But a child needs an adult so at least someone’s gotta pay. So we went in when my mom went to pay. The thing I liked best about it was getting a promo code for Roblox with 100 robux and a package! And a cool thing was making a lighting tag! But we had to buy it for 1 dollar. But it was still cool! 😀 We also got pins from Roblox and a bag from this company. We got safety glasses from the entrance. There was also a fish that would answer your question if you tweeted it a yes or no question depending on the fish’s color. If it were green, yes. Red, no. Blue, maybe. But since we didn’t have a device, we couldn’t give it a try. So then, at noon, our dad came to pick us up for gymnastics.


Halloween 2015

On Saturday October 31st 2015, my sister and I went trick or treating. I was a emoji and my sister was a baseball. Both homemade. So we first went around our house, and then we went near Nancy’s house and Fairlawn Avenue. Then, we went home to empty our bags of candy. Then, we went near D. Roy Kennedy Public School. And we got big candy’s and chips. After, we went back home to empty our bags and went near Hare Avenue. We got too scared to ring the doorbell of a door near Hare Avenue. They had the top half body of a zombie and the whole body of a mummy. So my mom just went up and Cherry just went up to ring the doorbell and went back. And then we got the candy! Then, we visited a few more houses. We  got few morecandy and then, we got tired and went home. Our first customers were 3 teens who spoke chinese. And also, I ate a little bit of candy. 😀

School Halloween Celebration Party (Annual)

On Friday October 30th, 2015 my sister and I were waiting at our bus stop with out costumes, for our bus to bring us to school. When the bus came, we weren’t the last stop. So when we were at school, Cherry’s class was doing the haunted house and we normally have french in the morning bus since M. Claveau (our french teacher) was part of the haunted house, we had Mrs. Ercit. How? Long story. So we first had to read in the morning, then we went to the haunted house at nine:fifteen. So I went in with Summer, Uma, Ashlynn and I think it was Emily. But before we went in, we had to count and give our non-perishable food items for the Brittania Food Bank. There was a prize for every division of the most given items. So when we went in, Ahmed was supposed to come out of his hiding place and say “BOO”! Well scream. Then, Cherry and Cameron were supposed to do an operation on Corey saying “HELP”! Well screaming. And then, it was Frankenstein AKA. M. Claveau. I went to him and he caught me and picked me up and down squishing meh! So then, we went out. But I didn’t see the vampires! So then, we went to the library to use the computers for Math Frog and Reflex Math until Mrs. Halia went to get us. And we went outside until the recess for DPA. After the recess bell rang, and I played soccer. Just for fun. And then, the lunch bell rang. So we went inside to eat. And also change into our costumes for the Halloween dance and Movie. I was an emoji so I didn’t really take much time to change. So then, we got in line to go to the movie. But before going into the gym where the movie took place, we got popcorn! So we watched the same things as last year. But it was still funny! 😀 So then, we went to the dance. They played songs such as YMCA, Whip Nae Nae, Bad Blood, Cheerleader, Stiches etc. So then, I was dancing with April, Cherry and Giselle and we all got prizes for dancing! I got stickers, well we all did but April got a bear. Then, we went back to our class to eat. And after, it was recess. When I played handball. Boys. Vs. Girls and probably like always, boys won. Then, we did our math test and went home!