Amy’s 10th Birthday!

On Monday December 21st 2015, we were invited to Amy’s 10th birthday party at laser quest. First, we played a game of zap where my sister Cherry and I tied. And then, we played a game where you had to bring a hoop over you and to the next person, and when the music stops, the person that has the hoop would be out. And Maggie won! She won a bouncy ball. So we played our first game of laser tag. Which only had the people in Amy’s party because no one else was there. So I chose my code name to be Rose. And I got 6th! Hourra! And the second round, I got 9th out of 20 people. Because more people arrived at that time. But after, we had pizza. I got a cheese and a pepperoni. And then, I got Nestea and cake. It was a great day!


Korean K-Pop Show

On Saturday December 19th 2015, my family and I went to the museum of civilization for a Korean K-Pop show. There were groups from Ottawa, Seoul, Toronto, Montreal and Los Angeles! They were all so good! But I liked the KKD from Ottawa one. They had so much people though. But it was a great performance! 😀

ORGC Christmas Party

On Sunday December 20th 2015, we were invited for a Christmas Party. But since it was during the time we had training, we had to have training in the morning from 9:30-12:00. And then, we would have the gift exchange and the food and games. So we had training, and we did some rope techniques, we did the gift exchange,and we went outside of the gym to get food. So I got a piece of pizza, cookies, noodles, small tomatoes, juice and another piece of pizza. Then, we went inside for games. The first one was like a quiz. We had 4 questions. And we had a leader to answer them the best way possible. But the group had to discuss the way the leader would say it. The first one was “Why is rhythmic gymnastics fun?”. And we all got candy canes once the leader in our group answered. The second one was “What kind of friends do you want” and “What kind of friends you wouldn’t want”. Those were all great answers. And then last but not least, “If you were in a competition and got last place, what would you do?”. And that’s when the leader in our group said “I would learn from my mistakes, know that I had a great time, and your the best rhythmic gymnastics person in your heart” and it touched Sing’s heart so much, they gave her an extra candy cane. Then, we had a ‘Dance Competition’. We had to make up a dance with 6 counts of 8. And it had to include a jump, turn, and a part where you do something with every person in your group. AND WE ACTUALLY GOT 1ST PLACE! So we got first pick from the prizes that they had. At the end, I had a accessories hanger thing, 2 candy canes, and white socks! Yay! A great day came!

Piller 5 Christmas Party 2015

On Saturday December 12th 2015, we went to Arnprior for a Christmas Party. We watch a movie and then get presents. We watched the movie “The Good Dinosaur”. It had some sad parts. And when santa came, I got a bead making thing. I know this is a short post but. Oh well!

Mayor’s 15th Christmas Event

On Saturday December 5th 2015, my sister and I went to City Hall for a Christmas event. We just went in line for Mrs. Claus for the food. Daddy went to get us beavertails. It was a long time. But there was an elf to entertain us with his juggling, elves singing, telling jokes, etc. So when we got there, they gave us these candy snowmans from the Rocky Mountains candy shop. So it’s edible. But when we were in line for Mr. Claus, it was too long, so we went home eating each a beavertail that daddy got us.

Borden Ball 2015

On Friday December 4th 2015, we had a Borden ball competition. But before, when we were at school, we were deciding who would go in who’s car. My sister Cherry and I were in Mr. Hume’s car along with Rachanna, Amanda, Ashlynn and Raneem. When we got there, most of the other schools where already there. We were first going against Knoxdale. Maggie, a girl in grade 6 at their school was playing. She went to the same chinese school as us. But when we played versus the grade 5’s from Knoxdale, we scored about 3 or 4 goals. I was left right wing, Ashlynn was center, Cherry was left wing, Raneem and April were defense and Adalia (whom I will call Dilly) was net. Our grade 4 goalie Rachanna didn’t even let in one single goal she was like a brick wall! But we did end up loosing 9-7. But I did have a good time! It was fun! Then, we had a 45 minute break. We were talking, eating, passing a ball. And then, we had to interview people along with Dilly. Since after our break we were going versus the ‘beatable’ Broadview, one of our biggest questions that we gave often was “Do you think we can win Broadview?”. Talia, a grade 6 girl on our team said that we only need confidence. So when we got to play, we actually tied Broadview! But there was a penalty shot when I was playing because I leaned on a girl named Islah. Pronounce Ilah. But Cherry, who was in net, saved it! What a save! But also, what a shot! So we actually tied Broadview 6-6! What a coincidence! And that was fun! When we went back in for another break, Mr. Hume told us not to talk about it when we walked past Manordale. The next team we were gonna play… So when we finished the break, time did pass by pretty quickly, we warmed up for Manordale. Our grade 4’s were playing very well! So did the grade 6’s! And I’m sure we did too. And we won 11-4! So after that, we had to play a school that played on the other side. Since the gym was separated into 2 groups. One side was the talented group, and the other was the ‘ok’ group. We were on the talented group so we had to play Meadowlands from the good side. And we actually won! 9-3. So then, we packed up and went back to school in time for the buses! It was a great day! But I’m not sure what place we got in…

Winter Gymnastrada 2015

On Sunday November 29th 2015. We went to Ashbury College to prepare for our Christmas Show. We were Inter-Club level 2A. We were the first ones to perform and the 20th. The first one was a group. Coached by Brihanna. The second dance was from level 2-5. Coached by Keiko. I liked the first one because the song is so jingly. But out of all, I liked the final dance. Let it go by all competitive dancers. Since we didn’t stay until 5:00 on Sundays, we weren’t in the dance. But it was pretty cool their dance. Anyways. At the intermission, I got a pinapple muffin, puffy cheetos, fruit bowl, and a chocolate chip cookie! It was a great day!