Winterlude 2016

On Monday February 15th, which is also known as Family Day in CAN and President Day in the US. My family and I went to Winterlude. We first parked near City Hall, and then, we went to Confederation Park. We first looked at the Ice Sculptures, and then, we got cookies from a metro stand. And after, we looked at more ice sculptures, and we got cookies, images on wood, and lots of hot chocolate. And at City Hall, we played mini-curling, we learned that our neck, tongue, and  our forehead could be the warmest places on your body. We also got beavertails, grilled cheese sandwich, timbits, and hot chocolate. It was so good! Then, we went home!


Binghamton Senators vs. Cyracus Crunch

On Saturday February 13th 2016, we went to the Canadian Tire Center to watch the Binghamton Senators versus the Cryracus Crunch. In the first period, it was a 1-0. But since there was a penalty laid, IT DIDN’T COUNT!!! All fans were booing. But that was life.  😦 So then, the first period was 0-0. Then, we had a (I think) 15 minute intermission. There were advertisements etc. played on the screen to ‘entertain’ us. Then, the second period started, there was a penalty laid on the senators for 5 minutes! But the Cryracus Crunches gladly (no offense) didn’t score. So at the end of 2nd period, it was like the first, 0-0. And then, we had another intermission. I just sat there looking at the zamboni go across the ice, and then, the people drilling the net into the ice so it won’t go flying if they shoot. And then, the third period started. That’s when the Senators started to go to the net and try to shoot, but every time they failed. Until… The puck was passed to Kyle Flannagan and he shot it INTO THE NET!!! Every got very loud! 😀 And then, when it there was 1:00 left in the game, there was not goalie in the Crunch’s net. Because I’m pretty sure they didn’t need one. But then, since the Senators scored again, the goalie came back. And we ended up winning 2-0!!!!!

Lion Dance At T&T 2016

On Saturday February 13th 2016,we went to T&T for another day of lion dancing. We did it last year  too and believe me your hands will hurt if you don’t have gloves and your the head. This year, we were still in the yellow lion costume. And it was still for 30 minutes. I was still the head. We went around the supermarket and we danced. There were people handing out red bags and inside them were chocolate! It was a $2 chocolate inside. My grandpa got one and I gave it to my sister since I don’t have a sweet tooth. At the end, my hands were painful at the end,and there were a few blisters! Ouch! But we got $15 dollars. But I don’t think it’s worth it.

I Love To Skate Program

Week 1: Got cold so we went home

Week 2: Got sick so didn’t go

Week 3: Turning, scooter skating, cross-overs, forward and backwards bubbles, stopping, jumping, skating without lifting our blades, balancing on one foot

Parliament and Museum of History Field Trip

On February 2nd 2016, all the 5th graders at Woodroffe Elementary School went on a field trip. It was to the Parliament Hill near the War Memorial and Chateau Laurier. When we got there, we were divided into 2 groups since there was about 60 of us. So the first group was M. Claveau’s class. And the 2nd one was my class with the 5th graders from the 5/6A class. There were only 9 kids from that class. When we were going through security, we saw ANITA VANDENBELD!!!!! But at that moment, I was in another room that had a glass door so I could see her. So I went through the security stuff, and then, I went into a room where there was a lot of information about stuff. And there was the 1-4th parliament Prime Ministers with the Senators that they chose. And no, not the Senators in hockey. It the political senators. (Not sure if your supposed to uppercase the first “S”). And then, the tour guide came and asked us questions, like “Who is replacing our Queen when she’s not here” (Answer: The Gov. General). And other questions. Then, we went to the Peace Tower line-up. When I went up, it was so cool! I even saw the clock and the library!!! The library is the oldest part of the parliament because it survived the fire accident 99 years and 364 days from the day this post was published ago! Because they smelled the smoke and so they closed the metal doors (or iron) which saved the library! And the library also has rare books and it has all the books written by Canadians! So then, I went down and waited for the others to go up and come back down, and then, we went to the bus to go to the Museum of History (also known as civilization). First, we were supposed to know our groups. I was in Michael Mc’s mom’s group. It was with Michael, Olivia, Brianna, Sami, Arthur, Jack and myself. And then, we ate. I had my usual rice combo and Froot Loops without the milk. And then, we went back into our groups to go to the Vikings Exhibition. There was even a 1000 year old bread! And facts like they didn’t have horns on their helmets. And the swords they use for battling are very heavy. After, we went to the Childrens Museum. We got passports and we went through all the rules with an employee. And then, we starting our little journey. The first stamp we got was the theater. And when we went inside, it was like a mini theater. And then, we went through all of the museum and got all of the stamp places completed except one. You had to do an activity to get the stamp and we didn’t have time because we had to go to the IMAX theater for our Vikings movie. So then, we got together and headed there. I sat with April and Cherry from M. Claveau’s class. And I’m sure I was allowed to. The Vikings IMAX movie felt 4D but without the effects. When there was the picture of water moving, I felt like I was on the water, which was creepy! At the end of the movie, we went outside. Into the bright light, I felt like everyone else, a little dizzy and had a small head ache. But everyone was fine after some of us drank water. After the commotion, Jack and Michael went inside the boutique for a look, while we waited for Brianna. And then, we went to pack up to leave! It was a fun but tiring day!

Top left: The heavy sword the Vikings used to battle with

Middle Left: A small boat Vikings used on water

Bottom Left: The 1000 year old bread. (The middle one)(Looks a little like coal)

Right: The Eiffle Tower made out of toothpicks seen at the Childrens Museum