Deniz’s 11th Birthday Party

My class-mate Deniz, invited my sister and I to her birthday party at X-treme Trampoline. When we got there, we found Olivia. Then, we signed in and got socks like this:

While we were waiting for the others, we watched Hotel Transylvania 2. At 4:58, we got our stickers to show the monitors at the station what time we start the fun and what time we end. We started to jump at 5:00 and ended at 6:00. First, the whole group (Deniz, Alice, Olivia, Lily, Rose, Cherry, Selia, and a girl whose name I forgot.) went to the court where you can jump all you want! It was so cool that when there is someone jumping in the same trampoline beside you, you can jump really high! Deniz told us to stick together except for her brother. Well, she said that she didn’t care about him. So then, we went to the Crash Pit. I first jump into it normally, then for the next 2 times, I did a front somersault FOR THE FIRST TIME! It was so cool! After, we went to the basket ball court, I got it in the smallest rim, and almost got it in the tallest! I didn’t do the middle one. After, we went to play DODGEBALL!!!!! I kicked the balls until they touched the ceilings! But I did throw them. Later on, we went to the Ball Cage. I went against my sister, you had a ball, and tried to get it in the basket witch was on the other side, and there is a trampoline fabric wall to separate your opponent. I won against my sister 3-1. The ball was so heavy! After, I went to the Crash Pit to do a last somersault! It was great! Then, Celia got hurt so we sat around her to comfort her. Then, it was time to eat! I got 3 or 4 pieces of cheese pizza, orange and fruit punch, and 2 pieces of the cookie cake! When it was time to go, we got our lootbags! It was minion and Ardene themed. I loved what was inside!!! (It’s a secret!)



On Wednesday, April, 6th, 2016, my dad brought my sister, my friend Faye and I to the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. It was for the Kenneth Molson Lecture Series. It was the 3rd annual’s lecture. The theme that was spoken about was called “Evolution of Flight”. There were 3 presentations. The first one was a lady. Dr. Bridget Stutchbury (York University) talked about Birds and their flight. The highlights I remember are:

  • Feathers aren’t the reason why birds fly. When dinosaurs were alive, some dinosaurs with feathers like the one below, couldn’t fly!
  • It was the bones that allowed birds that can fly,to fly. For the tails, they have really small tails, and the feathers stick to those tiny tails which makes their backs light. Birds that are gliders, they have longer bones and a heavier body.
  • For migration, birds use their fat from their bodies as “fuel” for when they fly through long distances.
  • Some birds migrate further distances than others.
  • Birds burn their muscles to stay hydrated!!!

Then, we had another presentation about aviation from a test pilot: Robert Erdos (National Research Council). Aircraft changed since they were invented! Like a lot! Now, they have more technologies in aircraft compared to the 1920’s or so! Sometimes it takes risks to be a test pilot, because things might not have been constructed or designed correctly. Sometimes, it takes lots of ability.

After, the aircraft presentation, we got one from a professor from Carlton University. It was about simulators. Simulators for pilots. Some of them cost more than the others. Atlas Mockup

That was a picture of the simulation with a fake dude inside it. I think it’s so you get the feeling(s) of different views of airplanes or aircraft. After all of the presentations, there was dessert. Well, little cakes, cookies, coffee(that I don’t drink), and pop. It was sweet and yummy!

4 years

Yay! It’s been 4 years since I’ve had this blog! I am now in grade 5. I think my writing has improved by spelling, making my posts longer, and detail! I am proud of having some followers and likes on my posts! Way to go!