Soccer Banquet 2016

On Wednesday June, 22nd, 2016, we went to Overbrook Community Center for a soccer banquet. It was held for like a end of session party. For the people that were in the group, they got a raffle ticket like me. Then, it was time to eat! I got 1 beef hot dog and one chicken hot dog. I also got chips and fruit punch. For dessert, I got an orange flavored freezie. My sister got a ice cream sundae with gummies. For the raffle, my sister and I both got bubbles XD. It was a great day though!


Family Fun Day

On Saturday June 18th  2016, after Chinese School, we went to Kingsmere Park for the family fun day. First, we got a picture with ‘Ariel’. Knowing that she was fake (no offense but I’m a preteen now.) Then, we went in line to get a hotdog. I put ketchup on mine. It squirt out like crazy! So I cleaned it with a paper towel. Then, I finished the hotdog, I got a freezie! It was a white jumbo freezie. Then, I got another freezie and got a hotdog too. After, we stayed for a while and went home.

Track and Field 2016

On Wednesday June 15th, 2016, we went to the track and field meet. I made it for 100m, ball throw, and relay (4 x 100). When we got there, most of the schools we were competing against were already there. I saw Amy, Jessica, Joshua, Maggie, and Joy. My first event was 100m. There was a false start. It wasn’t me though, but before we started the race, i noticed a tall girl beside that I was gonna race. I doubt she would probably win. Guess what? She did. I came in second. It was sad but for some reason, it felt normal. After, I was huffing and puffing. I got some water. Sylivie on the other side, (who did 100 with me but was in another heat) made it to the finals.


At 1:30, I did ball throw. I was doing it will Adalia. For the first throw, I got 21 something something. And for  my second throw, they didn’t tell me my number. Sadly, I didn’t make it to the finals either. So my win depended on relay. When it was relay, the grade 6 went first. Woodroffe got 2nd in their heat. I learned that I was gonna start in the first lane. I was the first person t hand it off. So I took off with the baton. When the gun started, I sprinted as fast as I could. I actually beat the other runner! So I let Woodroffe get in the lead as I passed the baton to Ryan. Then, he still sprinted as we were still in the lead and passed the baton to Sylvie, still in the lead, Sylvie passed the baton to our fastest runner: Ariyo. He took the baton and sprinted all the way to the end leaving a large gap from the second place runners. Then, we won the heat! As the grade 4 runners from our school got 1st in their heat, we waited till the end. At the end, the results were said. The grade 6 didn’t win, we got 1st! 😀 ^_^  While the grade 4s got 4th! It was a pretty well gone day!



My 1st Birthday Party

On Saturday June 11th 2016, I had my first birthday party with my twin sister. We were turning 11 in 3 days. I invited Amy, Adalia, April, Aidan, Grace, Nate, Zicheng, and Arthur. Unfortunately, Adalia couldn’t come, but the others could. Amy came first, so we watched Running Man (A chinese episode (Ben Pao Ba Xiong Di)). Then, April came. We asked her if she wanted to watch but she said no because we already started. So then, Grace came, and after her, Zicheng came, then, Aidan. Nate said he would be here at like 5. (The party was from 4-8 o’clock) After, my mom went to hide the 9 pink stripes with stickers on them at Kingsmere Park. It was while we played tag and stuff. After, we went to the park and played soccer because Nate came. The teams were Aidan, Rose, Nate, Amy, Arthur, and Zicheng, Cherry, April, and Grace. My team won 2-1! Then, we played a game where you find the pink strips. But if the other team knows that you have a strip they can rip your name-tag and you will have to give them a strip. If you don’t have a pink strip, they get a 10 second run away. Cherry’s team won the first round, and we tied the second. After, we walked home to