BBQ at City Hall

On Wednesday July 27th 2016, my father brought my sister and I to City Hall to celebrate and learn about Liver Cancer. There was a BBQ too! I got a beef hamburger, small tomatoes, and carrots. After, my daddy went to give blood so they could do tests and see if he needs a Hypnosis injection. Hypnosis is (I’m pretty sure) an injection that will save you against Liver Cancer. We also got this paper that you needed at least 10 stamps to enter for a raffle at the end. We went to a few stations. That was where you get the stamps. From all of the 12 stations (We got 12 stamps. A few extra won’t hurt 🙂 ), we got a:

  • T-shirt
  • Cinnamon and sugar cookie
  • Red freezie (my sister got orange)
  • pen
  • rubber bracelet
  • lipbalm
  • juice

Then, we gave our paper in, and got a ticket for the raffle!


The raffle time:

When they announced that the raffle would start, we were already sitting down with our tickets ready! We were hoping for something good! The prizes were a few free classes of yoga, a round for 2 people for an “escape game”, free frozen yogurt for 2 people at Menchies, a gift basket of chocolate!!!, and a gift basket with beauty products from Shoppers Drug Mart. At the END, we got the FREE FROZEN YOGURT FROM MENCHIES(!!!!!) from MY ticket (! 😀 ) , and the gift basket with beauty products from my dad’s ticket. I REALLY wanted to go to Menchies before, but, we didn’t 😦 , but NOW, we can! All because of my ticket! 😀 (Then we went home)


Chamberfest Ottawa 2016

On Saturday July 23rd 2016, my dad brought my sister and I along with my grandmother right beside of the National Art Gallery of Canada (if that’s how you spell it). It was Chamberfest again! This time, we were listning to Alfresco Concerts I. Really fancy name… Their music on the other side sounded really cool and it was really long. It took about one hour. The funny part was when my dad would try and guess the end of the song. It took him like I don’t know… About twenty something? I don’t know, but it was really funny! After it ended, we went home! Home Sweet Home! (Not sure if there are commas in between those words. :/ )

BBQ (Ottawa Mission)

On Saturday July 23rd 2016, my dad brought my grandmother, sister and myself to the Ottawa Mission for a BBQ! I first got popcorn and cotton candy. Then, I got a hambuger with tomatoes in it, fruit punch, and cheetos. Then, I ate it! It was delicious 😛 Then, we went inside for dessert. I got a timbit and a loaf of bread. After, we got photos. My grandmother sat in a chair, I was on one side, my sister on the other, and my dad in between my sister and I. My dad said it was the professional way of taking a good picture. After that, we got more cotton candy and popcorn, and went shopping!

Amateur Cryptozoology in Nepean

On Friday, July 22nd 2016, my father brought my sister and I to the Nepean library for a program (part of the summer reading club). Nick, first showed us a slideshow. It was all about cryptozoology. Cryptozoology is the study of animals that may or may not be true. Like a unicorn for example, or the Bigfoot or also known as the yeti or an abominable snowman.

Cryptid is like an animal that may or may not be true. Zoology is the study of animals. So Cryptozoologists are the people that study it.

Another cryptid that was sighted that is pretty popular was the Nessie, or the Loch Ness Monster. It looked like a massive snake.

There were also cryptids that were sighted but were discovered fake. Like the Coleman Frog. It was known for towing canoes, eating whey, baked beans, and whiskey! unbelievable!

There were ones that were spotted that were real! Like a 2 headed monster that was sighted. Can you think of one? Scroll really down for the answer! Sorry though.

























Answer: It’s the… KANGAROO! It’s because it was spotted with it’s Joey. So the person that spotted it, must’ve mistaken the Joey as part of the Kangaroo. Another one is the platypus. And in some places, they think narwhals are a cryptid. Then, we got a laser cutted wood board that had a picture of a Bigfoot and BIGFOOT printed on it. We got to use paint to paint it. Mine was pretty awesome! It was cool that we also got to KEEP IT! We also got a big piece of paper and put a bigfoot’s foot’s print on it, and we compared how big the bigfoot’s foot was to ours. It was really big! We also cut a piece of paper that we put into a small machine that made buttons. Then, POOF! We got our own button! It wrote “Bigfoot Field Researcher”. It was fake though. We also got a card that had our name on it that also said “Cryptozoology Society” on the top, then it wrote “Amateur Zoologist” under the line with our name. It was an awesome day!

Orthodontist 2016

On Tuesday July 19th 2016, my mother brought my sister and I to the Orthodontics. We had to get our teeth impressions so Dr. Shari could research if we needed or didn’t need braces. First, we had X-rays though. We had these things that were like ear plugs but they were just there to help our head stay still. We got the X-ray for our side and front of our teeth. Then, we had our impressions. The Dentist person put a kind of flour in a small bowl and mixed it with water. Then, it made some sort of puddy that would freeze if it was put in our mouth for a few seconds. So she put the puddy into the impressions then, put the impressions into my mouth. It felt weird at first but then, it was like a suction cup when the dentist person took it out. She did it again with my bottom teeth. Then, it was Cherry’s turn. If you want to know how Cherry felt, visit this website:

Wild About Flowers

On Wednesday July 20th 2016, my dad brought my sister and I to the St. Laurent Library. It was for a program called Wild about flowers. We learned the different parts of the flower.

Only the Stamen, Sepal, Stigma and the petals. I already learned the Ovary and the Nectary from a long time ago. Then, we got a bag with cut wood, cut newspaper, bolts, washers, and butterlies (Ones that you use to hold things). We chose a flower to put between that and we put it like a hamburger. The wood is the bread, the newspaper is like the ketchup/mustard/relish/mayonaise (whatever you prefer (No sauce is not a choice right now)), and the flower is like the patty of a hamburger. Then, after a week we were supposed to see if the flower was dried and change the newspaper and do that for 1 more week, and then see what the flower is like! I’m doing that now!

K-pop 2016

On Saturday July 16th 2016, my dad brought my family and my mother’s friend to the museum of civilisation for another one of those k-pop things. First, we got FOOD! My favorite were the bread that had cinnamon and sugar on it! So delicious! Then, we got X’s on our hands so they knew we registered. Then, we got GLOWSTICKS! YAHHH I got a yellow one! My sister Cherry got an orange one, but, it look red…

Then, we went in the theatre. They were all good performances. I liked the ambassador’s performance though. (ambassador of Korea) It was AWESOME! Man, his singing is better than mine. XD The whole thing about k-pop was a competition. First place was D-Army, 2nd place was Ria, and 3rd place was Kapital K-Dance. It was an epic night!