St. Albert Cheese Curds

On Wednesday August 24th 2016, after fishing camp, my daddy brought my sister and I to the St. Albert Street Cheese. When we got there, we first went upstairs to see the steps of making cheese. What was really tempting was when you could see all the cheese being made. I just really wanted to take all of that cheese and put it in gravy and french fries (poutine!). The great/delicious/lucky/#reallyraretohappen thing was that we could choose ANYTHING on the menu that had cheese (which means no gelato or ice cream 😦 ) on it! I chose a cheeseburger with fries for 4.99 from the kids’ menu and Cherry/my sistah got a Classic Poutine from it! It was all so delicious and I wished that I could get some more! BTW when we were about to order, we saw Cammie and her family (also from fishing camp) that came to St. Albert! So… Again. The Poutine was da best!


Fishing Camp Day 2:

On Wednesday, August, 24th, 2016, my dad brought us to the South Nation CONSERVATION area again for day 2 of fishing camp! When we got there, we all talked for a while until we fished for a while until 10:00, a guest Bruce Clarke came with his son to talk about fly fishing. Fly fishing is when you have a big rod, with rubber string, and you swing it into the water. There is a fake or real/dead fly or insect/bug on the end of the string. We practised casting a fly fishing rod, and we made our own “bait”. It wasn’t easy. Here are some examples of some we could’ve made:

Image result for fly fishing bait

After, we got our own taco box with fly fishing stuff! It was really cool. Then, we went fishing on our own with our own fishing rods (freshwater fishing). Then, it was LUNCH TIME! We got pizza! I ate 2 pieces of cheese pizza with fruit punch. I also got a oatmeal raisin cookie! Then, we went fishing for the rest of the day! At the end, I caught 2 pumpkin seed fish, 4 in total for both days!

Fishing Camp Day 1:

On Tuesday, August, 23rd, 2016, my daddy brought my sister and I on a very long drive (a little more than 1 hour) to South Nation CONSERVATION area. It was near St. Albert, where cheese curds are made! So! We were supposed to bring our own bag with our extra clothes, snacks, hat, sunscreen, bug spray, and sunglasses. They had some sunscreen and bug spray. They also were gonna provide lunch, our fishing rod stuff, juice, and water. First, when we got there, we were supposed to make our dad sign us in. Then, we got our own name tags. We got a safety talk about the poison ivy, wild parsnip, ticks, and water safety. Then, we talked about fish we could catch. Like the pumpkinseed fish, perch fish, little bass etc. Before we were gonna get started our fishing term, there was a visit! 2 people from the South Nation CONSERVATION group went to see the turtle traps and they found a snapping turtle! They, measured him (we named him )Then, we got our own fishing rods, hooks, worms and off we went! Then, it was LUNCH! We got SUBWAY! There was different kinds of bread with ham, turkey, or no meat. I liked the one with no meat (not that I’m vegetarian) and there were plates with lettuce, pepper, mayo, mustard, cucumber, tomato, etc. that we could put on our subs. I put lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Then, I drank an apple juice box, and an orange juice box without the box. I threw the box with the straw out. At the end, I caught 2 fish! The biggest and the smallest of all the fish caught! I caught a big perch fish, and a small pumpkinseed fish! It was really weird. :/ But! T’was fun! I was ready for day 2!

Scratch Coding Camp

On the week of August 8th to the 12th, my sister and I were gonna be at a Scratch Coding Camp. We learned a few coding skills, and then, we would use them to make something new on scratch. My best thing that I made was a Scratch Music Video for Shake it off by Taylor Swift. It isn’t finished, because it’s really long, but you can still watch it here:  

I think it’s pretty good though! For the last day though, we got PIZZA! Drinks included. I got 2 hawaiian pieces of pizza’s. It had bacon (poor piggies 😦 ), and pinapples. It tasted delicious (still, poor piggies 😦 ). I also got Sprite for a drink. Then, I play Cloud Platformer Multiplayer on scratch! We also got a certificate with our names on them!

Biking at Medowvale Terrace Park

On Saturday August 6th, 2016, my mother brought my sister and I biking to Terrace Park. Our dad went to get our grandmother using the car. So we had to bike. We went on the Experimental Farm bike path.sometimes, we’d get lost, so we’d have to wait for our mom to get the map and ask. When we finally got there, we started bu doing a few of the obstacles.  It was for an event. Learn more here. There was one where it’s a flat path, with curves. One where it’s a thin straight piece of wood that goes up, then comes down. There’s one like a hill. It goes up, then down, then up, then down. There’s one where there are just hills. It goes up, then there’s the dirt, then it goes up again, then, there’s dirt. There’s one like a teeter totter. You ride on it, then it brings you to the other side once you get there. There’s also one where it goes up on a ramp, then there’s a flat ground, and then, there’s a stair case that goes down. After, when I got tired, I got a sandwich. It had turkey, lettuce and butter. I drank water, and did it again! After, a newspaper woman came to take pictures of us doing it. It was for the Ottawa West something something newspaper. She took pictures of the kids (3 kids) while we did different obstacles. I could do all of them. Except sometimes I fail them. :/ It’s okay though! 😀 After, I got a sandwich with cucumbers, turkey, and cheese. Then, we rode our way home on the same bike path. In total, including the detours we made, we rode at least 10 kilometers. It was a tiring day! 😛

Alice’s B-day Party 2016

On Saturday August 6th, my dad brought my sister and I with our pillows, blankets, toothbrushes, and sleeping bag to Alice’s house for a sleepover party! It was our first time going to a sleepover party and actually sleeping over! When we got there, Grace was already there. I was told Deniz would be there at 5:00. So first, we played minecraft on their computer. It was my first time playing minecraft on the computer, AND playing hungergames. I died really early when it was my turn. Oh well, it was my first time playing hungergames. Then, we started on the craft! We had plastic masks that we were allowed to decorate. On the white feather (Mark as a black line), I put this ribbon so the feather would stay.

The black is where I put the white feather. The blue is where I put a blue flower

Then, we went to the park! We brought a basketball and we each had a mini waterbottle. We actually decided to go to our school and play 4 square. I started as the princess, Cherry as the knight, Grace as the Queen, and since it was her birthday party, Alice was King. The farthest I got to was Queen. 😛 We had fun though. After, we got bored and we played Mothia. I was the detective and Apparently at the end, we found out that Grace was the Mothia. I knew Grace was the Mothia. Alice was the storyteller and she put 2 taps on my head. When I was gonna choose who to know about, I chose Grace, and she was the Mothia. After that round, we were gonna go back to Alice’s house. When…






A black car came out and stopped right in front of us. A girl with brown hair came out. It was…


Deniz! We all came out to run to her and hugged her. We asked her dad to drive us to Alice’s house ’cause we were tired, and he actually said YES! So when we got there, we separated. Cherry and I were gonna play minecraft hungergames, and the others would chitty chit chat in another room. And VOILA! I got a personal best in that! I survived for like a long time with a diamond pickaxe that a team-mate gave me. I also had a few diamond and iron armour. Some of it was enchanted too. Then, Alice was like “OMG Rose! Can I play for you? This is really good. ” But there’s just one thing about the type of Minecraft Hungergames we were playing. The walls would come in, and if you touched it, you would be out of the game. Luckily we escaped that. Unfourtunately, Alice bumped into a duo from the other team. That’s when we died. :/ 😦 At least it was my personal best! 😀 🙂 After, we had pizza, and pop. There were 2 X-large pizzas of Cheese and Hawaiian. There was also Sprite and Coke. I got Sprite and I ate 2 pieces of Hawaiian pizzas. Then, Alice’s parents waited until we weren’t full to eat the cake. So during that time, we were chitty chit chatting. Then, we ate the cake. It was homemade cake. We have that cake mix at home too! I love the icing. It’s cream cheese icing or something like that. We were allowed to add more icing. There was purple icing, and red icing. I took the red one a tried to draw a rose. It turn out okay. I mean, you can’t really tell it’s a rose. :/ The cake was delicious! WE also got ice cream. I got chocolate. It’s my favorite type of ice cream. After that, we watched a little bit of olympics. We saw the Canadian rugby team beat japan 45-0 and Brazil 3_-0! They’re really good! After a long time, Cherry and I started to play minecraft on Grace’s ipod. We didn’t have our own. :/ We built a house, got iron and a lot of stuff! We also started to watch HOLES. I read the book a lot of times. I also saw a bit of the movie before. Until, we had to go to sleep. We watched Expelled, and another movie… I forgot it’s name! Then, I fell asleep.



In the morning, I woke up at 10:25 and waited for the others to wake up. We had crepes with table syrup for breakfast. We continued watching HOLES. Until daddy came to pick my sister and I up.


Dungeons and Dragons

On Wednesday August 3rd, 2016, my father brought my sister and I to the Nepean Library. It was for a program called Dungeons and Dragons. Dungeons and Dragons is a game that includes the use of dice. We started off rolling 3 6×6 dice. For the Strength, Stamina, Charisma, Wisdom, Intelligence, Hit damage etc. It was just for a beginning. Then, we chose our actual characters. I was an Hill Dwarf, and a Wizard. My Hill Dwarf was a Cleric, and my Wizard was a Wizard (I just forgot his species/type). Then, we chose 2 playing characters to represent our characters. Then, we moved ourselves onto the map. We walked near the high boulders, another player started to explore the cave. Then, something started to hit us from the top of the high boulders. We just escaped them. After, it kept on going. We met some sort of big dogs, the guy in the cave got joined by another player, and they met meaner, drooling, panting, big humongous dogs. Then, it was time to go. It would continue next week! 😀