Getting Our Appliance

On Thursday, September 15th right after our mom pick my sister and I up from school, we went to the orthodontics to get our class 2 carriere appliance on. The orthodontics person introduced herself as Lindsay. Lindsay did my sister Cherry first. I saw her first clean it, then put 1 part of the glue onto where the appliance would be. After, she put the 2nd part of the glue on. Then, she used a bunch of tools to place the appliance into her mouth. I was told the glue would taste a little bitter. ANYWAY, lets go to my part. So I sat on the chair while Cherry was trying to put the elastic on her appliance, Lindsay cleaned my teeth, and put the appliance on. The glue wasn’t that bitter, I mean, it tasted a little spicy that’s all. The good thing was that there were no needles involved. So nothing hurt! After my appliance was in, I went to the big mirror to practise putting my retainer (the clear kind) and my elastics in. I then got to chose the color of my retainer caset. It was a sparkly green! Green is my second favorite color. On that day, my mom spent a lot of money. Like one thousand and something dollars. 😛