Mayor Jim Watson’s Halloween Party

On Saturday, October, 29th 2016, my dad brought my brother, grandmother, sister and me to City Hall for the mayor’s annual Halloween party. We waited in line for the Trick or Treat Terrace. It took about a 45 minute wait until we took pictures with several costumed characters like Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Dory, Nemo, Minions, Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and some Star-Wars characters. Then, we got a flashlight from (I think it was) the mayor’s wife. After, we got some candy from some tents that were set up form numerous places. Then, we went inside to the Cafe, we got oatmeal cookies, hot chocolate, and a fortune cookie! It was really yummy! After that, we went to watch a little clip of toy story, then I got popcorn. Salt and vinagar. Later, we had to go home. It was a great day!


Soccer 2016

On Tuesday October 25th, 2016, at 8:30 we gathered around the front of the office to go to the soccer tournament. The people on the team were:

  • Rose (me)
  • Cherry
  • Sylvie
  • Deniz
  • Ashlynn
  • Erica
  • Kate
  • Olivia
  • Chloe
  • Sidney
  • Dana
  • Carys
  • Emily
  • Stella

I went on Emily’s mom’s car, with Emily, Sidney, and Cherry. When we got there, it was really cold. We started to practise shots on net, then we put our jerseys on. After that, we went to another field and played World Cup. Soon, we started doing a drill. Dana’s dad lead the drill. The goal keepers: Ashlynn and me (Deniz was an extra goal keeper) we trying to block the shots while the others go into two lines, and they had to pass to each other and then shoot. It was like a warm up. After, we sat down and watched the people play their first game. The schools that we were against in total were: Meadowlands, Manordale, D. Roy Kennedy, Carleton Heights, and AginCourt. We lost Meadowlands 3-0, won Manordale something-something (I forgot! 😦 ), won D. Roy Kennedy 3-2, lost Carleton Heights 3-2, and won AginCourt 7-1! At the end, we got 3rd place. Meadowlands got 2nd, and Carleton Heights got 1st. They all got medals except for some reason, the lady that had all the medals came to us with lots of medals in her hands and said “Good job guys! You guys are 3rd. Sorry that there are no medals for you.” Which was weird because usually you get a medal when your 3rd place. So that dissapointed all of us. 😦 It was a fun day anyway, all of our legs were sore, and tired.

Maker Fair 2016

On Sunday October, 16th, 2016, my dad brought Zicheng, Cherry, my brother Kingsong and I to the Maker Fair 2016. This is Roblox wasn’t involved 😦 Kingsong was supposed to bring us in because he’s better than my dad in programming, so he could explain stuff to us if we needed him to. We just walked around, some things used Scratch. I use to use scratch, now that my brother is home, I do actual hard coding. Scratch is like an introduction to coding, and it’s easier than the actual coding. Last year we went to the maker fair with Erica Bregman. She brought a group and we all went to the maker fair. This year, they did it again, but we weren’t part of it. So we walked around, eating a chocolate chip cookie and getting a lolipop! I got a cherry flavored one, while Cherry and Zicheng got cream soda. Then, we walked around looking at different places. Until we stopped at the Science Mobile place and we could make our own “Rube Goldberg-ish” thing. Ours worked sometimes, and sometimes, it wouldn’t work because there was a whole, or the marble would bounce off certain items. After a while, daddy came to pick us up, for gymnastics. Obviously we sent Zicheng home first. It was a cool day 🙂

Baseball Filming

On Saturday, October 15th, 2016 we went to the Ottawa Boys and Girls club. We were told that the Blue Jays Company were going to film us. So we waited for everyone to come. There were also Timbits. I got 2 plain. While we waited, people were playing Crazy Hoops. I grade 9 girl beat the record set by the boys! When we were ready, we went on the BGCO bus. When we got to the baseball diamond, I think it was somewhere near Barhaven, we got shirts, hats, and a baseball mitt to use. We were doing baseball commercials for the Blue Jays team. I was told it was going to show during a game in April!!!!! I was back-catcher in one of the commercials, and 3rd base in another. We also got pizza for lunch! It was pretty long. At the end we played a baseball game together! It was a fun day! 🙂

Cross Country 2016

On Thursday, October 13th 2016, it was the annual cross country meet. The grade 2-6’s who participated in the practices all came to Sir Robert Borden High School for the meet. First the grade 2 girls and boys go. Then the grade 3 girls go, then the grade 3 boys. Then the grade 4 girls go, then after them, it was the grade 4 boys. And it went on like that until our turn. Before our turn, we were cheering people from our school. Madeleine, Raneem, Deborah, Cherry and me were cheering so loudly, we were nicknamed the Cheer-Squad!

The list of distances

Grade 2’s 1k

Grade 3’s 1k

Grade 4’s 1.4k

Grade 5’s 1.8k

Grade 6’s (Me) 2.2k!!!!

I’ve never ran that much kilometers so I was a little nervous. I was scared I might get a cramp, but I was told if I drink a little water before I run, chances are I won’t get a cramp. When the gun went, off I ran. I sprinted a little. I heard that we were going to go up and over a small but pretty big hill twice. I was hoping it wouldn’t be that long. So we went around the baseball field, past the soccer field, then we went past a gate, over the hill and down, around the field, past the soccer field again, then we turn left, and we went past the baseball field again, we went past another big soccer field, and then, we were about to finish when I see a girl in front of me. I tried to sprint past her, unfortunately, she was near her friends that were cheering her on the side, they told her I was coming so we were sprinting neck to neck until I think she got tired and I got 12th place! I actually beat my sis and I was the first girl from my school to past the finish line! 12th place is a record for me too. Sadly you only get a ribbon if your 1st-10th place. I missed 2 people. I’m still proud of myself anyway! 🙂


On Sunday, October, 2nd 2016, my dad invited his friend and his family that recently came to Ottawa and left this morning, to Milestones. We first, parked our car near the Parliament, then, we went near the fire near the parliament, Daddy talked about it, then we went down to near the Rideau Canal. Until we got to Milestones, my tummy was yelling at me. When, we got there, they gave us kids (Cherry and me.) a piece of paper with a KID’s MENU on it, along with some activities. To make this short, I ordered 2 mini hamburgers with a side of fries, with some chocolate milk. It was yummy!