Girls Tier 1 Bordenball Tournament

How to play bordenball (also known as handball)

Our Woodroffe team:

Grade 4:

  • Dana
  • Carys
  • Sydney
  • Israh
  • Enida (goalie1)
  • Stella (goalie2)

Grade 5:

  • Kate
  • Erica
  • Taisya
  • Avery
  • Lauren
  • Rachana (goalie)

Grade 6:

  • Rose (me)
  • Cherry
  • Adalia (Dilly)
  • Deniz
  • Raneem
  • Laura (goalie)


On Wednesday, December, 21st 2016, we went to Confederation High for the Girls Tier 1 bordenball tournament. There were 7 schools participating:

Woodroffe (us)

Knoxdale –> Tied 5-5 (During the last 4 seconds, we were loosing 4-5. I passed to Raneem and she scored at the LAST SECOND!)

Broadview –> Lost 8-2

Agincourt –> Won 6-5 (I scored the tie-breaking goal at the last 3 seconds!)

Meadowlands –> Won 8-1

Carleton Heights –> Won (Don’t remember the score)

D. Roy Kennedy –> Won (Still don’t remember the score)



ORGC Christmas party!

On Sunday December, 18, 2016, my dad brought my sister and me to Ashbury College for training. We trained for the first 2 and a half hours. Then, at 4 o’clock, we had the gift exchange. My sister and I brought Lindor chocolate for the exchange. At the end, THIS ISN”T DONE. DRAFT PLEASE! I’ll continue it after pia pia piano!

Performance for sisters

On Saturday, December, 18th, 2016, my dad brought my sister and me to go to the performance for sisters. We were only going to do 1 performance which was the first one, so this post will be really short. The performance was called “WINTER BELLS” choreographed my Iana. It was Jesse, Mikayla, Gabriella, Cherry, Helen and me. Before us was actually an intro by Mimi. She played violin. After we went. I wasn’t nervous. I was neutral. When we finished, we watched the rest of the performance.

Pillar 5 Kid’s Christmas Party

So on Saturday, December, 3rd, 2016, my dad brought my sister and I to O’Brien theatre in Arnprior, for the annual Pillar 5 Pharmacy Kid’s Christmas Party. This year, we were going to watch the movie MOANA! Apparently it’s a really good movie. (rated 4 out of 5 stars) When we got there, we got a ticket that let us have Combo 1: Small Drink, Small Popcorn, Reg. Candy. I got fanta for the drink, small popcorn with butter, and skittles! Their popcorn is really yummy! It’s really delicious, appetizing, delectable, delightful, luscious, tasty, succulent, savory, divine, mouthwatering, heavenly, LIFE! It’s just the best popcorn I ever get to eat! Anyways, the movie is a really good movie in my opinion, it’s such a great movie, if you haven’t seen it, it’d be sad to not. Just go to a theatre (or rent/buy the movie MOANA) and watch MOANA. It’s… such… a… great…movie! So then after the movie (like always) there’s a “santa” that comes and gives out presents. Cherry and I got the same one this year. It was a kit where you could knit an infinity scarf. It was really cool! 😀