Tripleball 2017

On Thursday, February, 23rd, 2017, we went to Confederation High for a tripleball tournament. Tripleball, is similar to Volleyball. Our team consist of 14 people. The grade 6’s were Rose (me), Cherry, Deniz, Grace, Adalia, Laura, Raneem, Alice, April, Jaclyn, and Sylvie. The grade 5’s were Taisiya, Erica, and Lauren.

We were supposed to arrive and school before 8:30. When we were there, most of the team were already there waiting. Mr. Hume (our coach) took attendance and made sure we had all of our forms handed in. Everyone handed in the forms, so we were almost ready to go. We had to find out who was going in who’s car. It turned out, I was going in Grace’s mom (Debbie)’s car, with Grace, Adalia, Deniz, and Alice. Mr. Hume was taking Raneem, Cherry, April, Sylvie, and Laura. Jaclyn, was being sent there, and Lauren’s mom took the grade 5’s.

When we got to Confederation High, we put our stuff in the change room, and went into the gym to practice. There were 4 schools at the tournament. Woodroffe(my school), Broadview, Knoxdale, and Meadowlands. We were first going against Knoxdale. It was a really close game, we tied a bunch of times, but at the end, we won! (To win, you are supposed to get to 25 points, or if it’s a close game, you should win by at 2 points). So we had to win by 2 points, with a score of 27-25!

After the game (like usual), we needed to shake hands. After shaking hands, we went to the change room for a quick break. Then, it was a game versus BROADVIEW…

Broadview, is one of our “rival” schools. They usually win EVERY sport. (back then, Woodroffe used to win). So this game, was one of the most important games. Surprisingly, we won! I don’t remember the score, but I was so happy! We ACTUALLY WON Broadview! But we needed to win ALL of our games to beat the boys (who got 2nd). So so far, we got 2 games down. Both of them we won. Our next game, was against Meadowlands. If we won, we’re sure to get a medal (they only give out medals for 1st and 2nd).

At the end of the game, we were the ones that got 25 points! (Which means we won πŸ˜€ ). So now, we were guaranteed a medal! πŸ™‚ Yay! Now, we had a 10 minute break to eat, drink, and use the washrooms. During the 10 minute break, we were also allowed to practice on the court. We practiced our bumps, volleys, and serves. The next match, was the finals, to determine 1st and 2nd place. So we had to go against Broadview AGAIN. This time, I was feeling fine, but nervous at the same time. Because now, the other team is all warmed up, ready to give some play, but we already won them once, so we had a pretty big chance. So we started. It was a really tight game. At one point we were loosing 9-14. So I kept cheering our fellow Woodroffians (Woodroffe people), and we actually ended up winning! 25-17! Man, we were cheering so loud! We beat Broadview twice, the boys (by getting 1st)! We were so proud of ourselves! It was so loud I had to cover up my ears. Well, at least we got our first place medal, and went happily back to school! On the way to school, Grace’s mom made a stop at a gas station for gas, and gave us 5 bucks for timbits (There was a Tim Horton’s nearby). Deniz gave in 10 more dollars so we could get a 50 pack, and we could each get 10. I saved a chocolate for Cherry (my sister). It was the best day evah!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚


Winter Carnivals (3)

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ™‚


  1. Lowertown: So we brought Zicheng, Ziheng and Ziyi along with us on Family Day to Jules Morin Park. We first went on the bouncy castle. They were so fun! There were also Timbits, and little donuts for us to eat. Hot chocolate was provided thanks to the City Councillor. They were yummy! We also got hotdogs (from Embridge). The sausage was burnt so I just peeled the burned parts off.
  2. Overbrook: We got popcorn, hotdogs and hot chocolate. We also made a craft. It was a marshmallow snowman. The candy corn was the nose, we got icing to make the eyes and the mouth, a sour key for the scarf, and there were pretzels for the arms and legs. It was yummy!
  3. Vanier: We got apple juice, I got a fruit by the foot, a hat, a pen, a giant salted chocolate cookie, hot chocolate with cinnamon and vanilla (tasted great!). We played on the swings for a while.


Learn to Be a Lifeguard (Begginer)

Starting on Sunday February 5, from 6:00 to 6:40, we start to learn the basics of how to be a lifeguard at Dovercourt. First of all, to say, the water is WARM (compared to the swimming pool we used to go to) and the showers have the switch of warm water, or cold water.

Here is a list of what we did, and what I need to improve on:


  • Breast-stroke (also with head up)
  • Front-crawl (also with head up)
  • Back-crawl –> Arms should move continuously, shoulders should be seen
  • Eggbeater –> Treading without arms
  • Scissor Kick –> Spread legs further apart
  • Diving –> Make sure you’re on an angle
  • Name forgotten–>Cross your knees, your hand, and plug your nose
  • Stride entryΒ –>Jump with your legs apart and when you’re in contact with the water, slap the water with your hands (goal is to keep your head up so when you’re saving someone, you always see them).
  • Float (almost) on your back with one foot close to the surface. Used to push a life-saving object from a medium distance.
  • In a sauna, don’t wet the rocks, and don’t touch them!
  • In a hot tub, make sure you have a guardian/parent over 16 years old to watch you if you’re under 12 years of age. Don’t put your face underwater it could damage your skin
  • In a boat, you need a life jacket, whistle, bucket, ores, etc. If the boat flips because of a storm, you can go under the boat.
  • Ice breaker- Crawl on ice is better.