Kanata Cup 2017

On Saturday, March, 11th, 2017, we went to Bridlewood School for the Kanata Cup invitational competition. It was our first year, so it was pretty new for us. We first signed in, and we went to the change room to put our stuff in there. Then, we brought our apparatus (Mine was rope) and went to the area for practicing. I was competing last for my rope individual in the level 4 rotation. Since the ceiling was low in the room where everyone practices, we could only practice stuff like balances, turns, masteries (depends on mastery), jumps and dance steps. So I practices my passé turn, attitude turn, table and attitude balance, all my masteries, and my dance steps. When the level 4 rotation started, we went into the gym where we were going to perform. There, there was one big strip of carpet that we could use to practice our throws. I practiced my risk (Throw, double chené catch, elbow cartwheel), and my masteries that required a high ceiling. Then, I reviewed my routine. Then, it was the second last person’s turn, and they called me on deck. Keiko told me last few tips, to be proud and confident because she said I was good with rope. And to concentrate.

After I finished, I presented and walked off. I didn’t miss anything but I almost missed my first table throw. I had to run for it, but I still caught it! My passé turn wasn’t completed (I noticed it when my mom showed me the video she took of me performing my routine) but, I think I did my hardest and worst movements well. I went outside and on the lockers, the results were posted there. Cherry (sister) got 1st, Myra (friend) got 1st, Alison (friend that went against Myra) got 3rd, and Lujain (friend) got first too! I was waiting for the rope L4 results to be posted. When it got put on the wall, I looked and it turns out I got 1st too! I got a total of 7.300 points, far from second place who got 5.450 points. I was so happy, and proud of myself (’cause it was my first time competing)! 😀 I was also hoping that we would win the Kanata Cup. After, I went back to work on our duo. There wasn’t much pressure because there wasn’t any other L3 duo. So we were technically going against ourselves, but we were going to see who got the highest score out of our duo, and the ribbon duo (Crystal and Natalie).

For the duo, we kinda missed the easiest thing at the beginning. I didn’t tighten the rope at the middle, so when Cherry swung the rope, the rope flew. At least it didn’t go off the carpet (Because then, if I went passed the red line, it would be a 7 point deduction, but it still doesn’t really matter because we had no opponents). We also ended on time, did well with the exchanges, it was synchronized, and we didn’t miss any collaborations.

At around 6:35, it was the awards. Ottawa RG (our club name) was the first club to walk on. We were supposed to walk around the carpet, then line up and sit in straddle. So they called up gymnasts that won and they walked onto the podium, and they got their medal or ribbon. So at the end, I got 2 1st place medals. Most of the people in our club got 1st 2nd or 3rd. Only one person got 4th in our club. For the Kanata Cup, it’s the club that has the most points, and it was us! So we won the Kanata Cup for the 2nd time! We went up to the podium, some people went in front of it, and we took a picture with the Kanata Cup. We also got a trophy to show that we won the Kanata Cup, because the Cup wasn’t ours to keep. Then, we walked off, and took another group picture. It was a great day! 🙂


Me to We Bake Sale

On Thursday, March 9, 2017, our Woodroffe Me to We club hosted a Bake Sale for education funding in Haiti. Everyone of us were going to buy or bake something to sell for an education fund for a school in Haiti. My mom bought brownies for us to sell. There were a lot of cupcakes, some people sold pieces of cake, there were cookies, bread, and some doughnuts. Everybody could bring a max of $2 so everybody would get a chance to get something. I got Lily’s banana muffins (50 cents), a brownie (50 cents), and a sugar cookie (also 50 cents). I think the bake sale was pretty successful. We raised a total amount of $991!

ORGC In-House Competition 2017

On Sunday, March, 5th, 2017, our club had the in-house competition for all Inter-club members. I was going to compete rope, both for an individual, and a duo my sister (Cherry). So for the first hour, we did our normal warm-up. Until after over-splits, we started to practice our throws, and catches (for those that had apparatus). Some people did a run-through with music. (Especially the little kids that did free because the directions changed). So, I practiced all my throws, and turns, and balances. When it was my turn, I think I did a pretty good job. Just that I didn’t catch this one mastery.
Sing’s notes:

  • Point your toes
  • Think about your knees and your hands
  • Good expression. SMILE! 🙂
  • Practice your worst movements
  • Visualize your routine in your head during your spare time
  • Be confident
  • Don’t step on the red line