Deniz’s Sleepover

On Saturday, 15th, 2017, after gymnastics, my sister Cherry and I went to Deniz’s house for her sleepover! When we got there, Grace, Lily, Sylvie, and Alice were already there. Adalia (Dilly) arrived shortly. We first started with the egg hunt. We partnered up: Cherry and Alice, Sylvie, and me, Adalia and Grace, and Lily played alone. One normal egg was worth one point (they had chocolate in them), the shiny eggs were worth five points each, and the big special ones were worth 10. At the end, we counted that we got last (prize was a notebook and Pocky sticks), Lily got 3rd (Sleeping mask), Cherry and Alice got 2nd (Notebook; first choice), and Grace and Adalia(Face mask) got first. When Olivia came, we started to open presents. Cherry and I got her Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. Later on, we had dinner. For dinner, there were drinks (Fruitopia, Brisk, Fanta), and cheese pizza. I had two slices of pizza. Then, Deniz, Olivia, Lily, Alice, and Adalia went to walk the dog (Chance), while Sylvie, Cherry, Grace and I stayed and made slime! My slime had a mix of gold and blue. I made good slime. To make slime, you need liquid glue, and pour it into a bowl. Then, put paint or food coloring depending on what color you want your slime to be. Pour borax into water, and put the borax (with water) into the bowl with glue. Stir until all the glue sticks together, then add shaving cream. Mix the shaving cream until you can see no more shaving cream. If it’s needed, add shaving gel.

When the people that walked the dog came home, we tried to watch a movie, and we ate snacks and chips. The movie was random movies that Lily chose that some of us got bored of and started going on electronics. We had Cheetos, Lays, and lots of candy. Then, at 11, it was supposed to be lights out, but we kept watching episodes. I fell went to sleep (well at least tried to) at 3:00 AM. I actually fell asleep at like 4:00 AM ._.

In the morning, we had pancakes with maple syrup, and scrambled eggs. I also had some milk. After the food, we went to walk Chance. We went to the nearby park and also played basketball with Deniz’s basketball. I also at one point walked Chance. She pooed so I told Lily to pick it up, because 1. I don’t know what to do, and 2. It’s gross. It started to rain hard, so we went back home. When we got back to her house, we got our loot bags. I got a mustache bracelet, hair elastics, sunglasses, chocolate bunny, headband, and hair clips. Then, it was time to get ready, for it was time to go. It was a very fun sleepover!