Police Week BBQ 2017

On Saturday, May, 20th, 2017, my dad brought my sister and I to Ridgeview Park for a BBQ for Police week. We first went to get a hotdog ’cause we were hungry. I put ketchup on my hotdog, got a few little tomatoes, and had a few timbits: A chocolate and one that was like birthday cake. Then, we went to the photo booth to take a few pictures. I was holding a t-shirt that wrote “POLICE” on it, and wore sunglasses. My dad had a police hat, and my sister wore a Police cap. And there was a mascot standing with us. After, they printed the pictures on a bookmark and we got to keep it. After that, we went to get a freezie. I got a red one, my sister got a blue one. Then, we went to a see a robot. Apparently, the robot could make a bomb safe. There’s a tube, that has water that will make pressure, and it can shoot through the backpack, or briefcase, or whatever could contain a bomb. Then, the water will be strong enough to cut through, and make the bombĀ safe. There was a table where you guess the number of jelly beans in a jar. I guess 311. Then, it was time to go home.


Ottawa Children’s Festival 2017

On Thursday, May 11th, 2017, all the grade 6’s went on the OC Transpo bus for a field trip!

We first went to a theater to watch “I on the Sky”. It was a no speaking piece. The play was about a woman who’s parents, sister (or cousin) and husband died in a war. It was sad, but it was such a good play! After the play, we went on a bus to the Children’s Festival beside the War Museum. First, I went to get FOOD. I got a hotdog, cotton candy, churros that I ended up giving to my sister, slushie, and popcorn! I was really full. After a few minutes of wandering around, we went inside the luminarium. The luminarium was a place to relax, and peace out. It was fabric like from bouncy castles. You weren’t allowed to run, or they kick you out. You could slide on the walls though, it was really fun! I layed down wishing I could go to sleep right there. The ceilings were based on geometrical shapes, and they had different colors for lighting. When you took a picture, it looked like the was a filter (rhymes!). It was really cool and relaxing. And what made it even more relaxing, was the little music. When we went out, we were about to leave. I first took a bite out of Cherry’s pretzel that she bought. Lots of people got slushie. Then we went to fetch a bus to go back to school. On the way, people started running instead of walking. It was because Mr. Hume was saw a bus, he thought it was ours so started running, we were supposed to go on 87. When he saw the number on the bus, he realized it was the wrong bus. NOT DONE

Basketball 2017

On Monday, May 1st, 2017, we went to Confederation Education Center for a basket ball tournament. I was supposed to go onIy went There were 5 schools there:

Woodroffe (Me)




Carleton Heights

Shift 1: Rose, Cherry, Deniz, Alice, Suhur

Shift 2: Grace, Adalia, April, Erica, Marianna

Shift 3: Emily, Sylvie, Raneem, Kate, Extra player.

Our first game was against Knoxdale. We tied 6-6

We lost Broadview 11-8

We lost a close game versus Meadowlands 8-6

We won Carleton Heights 17-3

And to find out who won 3rd and 4th, we went against Knoxdale. It was a really scary game, but we won 17-15!!!

So we were overall 3rd! We went back to school on Deniz’s car, and on the way, we got tim-bits!

How to Be a Lifeguard


Egg-beater: Legs do as big of a circle as possible. Flex your feet.

Front-Crawl: Keep arms moving. Shark fin. No catch-up.

Back-Crawl: Keep legs straight. Under water pull.


Survival Day:

We went in the spinner. Got spun 2 times.

Slide = Fun!!!

Rope = Too tall. šŸ˜¦

Log = Hard to stay on

Boat = Bring a bucket, whistle, life-jacket (wear it), sunscreen, First Aid Kit, flashlight.

Ice breaker (mats)= Crawl on it. Spread your weight. Don’t walk on ice that has cracks on it.