Graduation 2017

On Tuesday June 27, 2017. It was the graduation for the grade 6’s. It was our last year at Woodroffe, and so we graduated to go to grade 7 at another school. We were lined up in gym 2 alphabetically in our class. 6A walked into gym 1 (where the graduation took place), then 6B walked in, then the 6 grade 6’s from the 5/6A class. Then we all took a seat. The first thing on the schedule was for Mme Monik the vice principal to call the student’s names, to come up on stage, shake hands with their homeroom teacher, get a medal, get a diploma from another teacher, shake hands with Mme Egerton the principal, have a quick picture, and walk off. It took up most of the time. After that, they presented the awards. The first one was academic. You had to have good grades on all subjects. The award was awarded to…. Me! 😀 I was kinda exited and proud of myself. I went up the stage to get my certificate, shook hands with M. Charbonneau (who presented this award) and took a quick picture, then went off stage. Cherry and Cameron got the athletic and academic award. Deniz and Ahmed got the athletic award. Madeleine and Kaitlyn got the citizenship award, Sami got the french award, Michael got the Dramatic Arts award, Yi-Xiang got the art award, and Jaclyn got the principal award. 🙂

After the awards were given, they showed the baby pictures. So Mr. Charbonneau and Mr. Hume asked us to give a picture of us when we were a baby, and one of now. Then Jaclyn and Zicheng put it into a slide show. We took turns guessing who was who. Even the teachers submitted their photos! 😀 It was funny and it brought back lots of memories. 🙂 After that, we walked out, into gym 2 where all the cake, and lemonade was, took a lot of pictures, and continued school. There was two more days of school left! 😛



Track and Field 2017

On Wednesday, June 14th 2017 it wasn’t just our birthday, but it was also the Track and Field meet. I made it for ball throw, 800m, 100m, and relay. I had to quit one, because I made it to too much activities. I couldn’t quit 800m because there were only 2 people that tried out (me and my sister), and relay, our coach Mr. Hume wanted us to win again (We got 1st last year) so I decided to not do ball throw.

When the bell rang, all track and field participants went to Gym 1 for attendance. Then, we went on the bus. I sat with Raneem and Summer. When we got there, the long distance runners where going to start their race.  My first event was 100m at 10:00 o’clock. I was in a heat with the girl, that beat me in the heats of 100m last year, and believe it or not, she beat me again. But Sylvie, the other girl that made 100m with me, made it to the finals, and got 5th overall.

For 800m, I got 6th (the last place for a ribbon), and my sister Cherry, got 9th. It was really tiring because, the girl that got 5th, I was neck to neck with her at the end, but in the box I was in (couldn’t  go into the 2nd box) she would put her arms out, so I couldn’t pass her. So it was kinda unfair. 😦

For relay, the last event of the meet, Mr. Hume wanted last year’s relayers to do it again, because we got 1st last year. It was Sylvie, Ryan, Me, and Ariyo, respectively in the order. We were supposed to have 20m for handing section, instead, it seemed like three. o_O 😮 When the gun went off (Not loaded with bullets, it looked like paper??) Sylvie started running, yelled Ryan’s name, passed the baton to Ryan, yelled my name, passed it to me, then I ran, yelled Ariyo’s name, passed it to him. We were first in our heat, but overall, we got 2nd. It was pretty good, though. The grade 5’s got 1st, and the grade 4’s got fourth. I got 2 ribbons, out of the whole day, (6th, and 2nd) And I have 6 in total (Two 1st, Two 2nd, One 3rd, One 6th). It was a great fun day! 😀

Carleton University Recreation Day

On Wednesday, June 7th 2017 all the grade 6’s at my school went to Carleton University for a Recreation Day. It costed $40.00 per person, but the school payed half for us, so we only had to hand twenty dollars in. When we got there, we were put into groups. I was with




-Lily K.







-Nate F.


-Nate B.


Our coaches’ names were Daria and Abdi.

We first went outside to learn how to play rugby. We started with a passes. You try to pass the ball with a spin, and it has to go the opposite way of the side your trying to get to. So technically backwards. I was partners with Adalia. It was pretty fun. We practiced kicks. There’s 2 types of kicks: One where you drop the ball, make it bounce once, then you kick it, and one where you just kick it. After a few practices, we played a game of 2 touch rugby. You get the ball by touching the person with the ball with 2 hands, and you try to get to your other side and touch the ground holding the ball (touchdown). The other team won, because they had all the athletic people. 😛

Our next sport was lacrosse. The Canadian sport. We practiced passing: From the side, above your head, and under-hand. Then, we learned the rules, and played. Again, I was on the team that lost, hoping next time, the teams would be divided way more fair, because the score was 1-5… :/ It was my favorite sport so far.

After lacrosse, we went into the turf field with a white roof to play tchoukball. The rules are very simple; you have 2 teams, if the other team has the ball, the only way to interfere, is when they throw on the net, you have to catch it. If it bounces outside of the crease, it’s a point for that team, if it was caught, or it landed in the crease, it’s not point, and it’s the other team’s ball. This is a tchoukball netImage result for tchoukball net and crease

So the teams were divided fairly this time, and my team won by a couple of points. It was super fun, and this was my favorite of all the sports!

After tchoukball, we had a lunch. Not the lunch that we brought, well we didn’t have to bring a lunch, because the lunch was included! It was a buffet-ish lunch. There was a main dish: tacos, and then there were chips, and other kinds of food for us to choose from. I had taco with just the beef in it, and I got some Cheetos and Sunchips. There was a machine where you take a cup, and you can choose whatever drink you like from it. It even gives ice, and has water, milk and every pop you can think of! I got some lemonade, and then I went to the dessert spot to get some great banana bread (it was so far the best I ever had) and a cupcake which I took the icing off because it didn’t really taste good, though other people seemed to love it. Then, they added jello to the dessert stand, and so I got a bit. It was lime flavored (green) and it was really soft. After, I went to get some ice cream! We could choose from vanilla, chocolate, cookies n’ creme, and strawberry. But the cookies n’ creme was out, so my next choice was chocolate. It was really refreshing to the fact that it’s almost summer. After an hour or so, the coaches told us to get into our groups. So I went to where my coaches were. We all got in line, they took quick attendance, then we went back to the field where we played tchoukball, to play field hockey. Field hockey isn’t really like hockey. The stick has one side that is curved, another side that is straight. The straight side is the only side that you can hit the ball with. Or else, it’s not following the rules. Since that it was most of our first time playing it, we were allowed to as long as it’s not on purpose. The teams were very fair, and it ended as a tie. At one point, the Daria added another ball into the field, so we were playing with two balls! It was really hard to know when you need to defend, and when you go up, but it was really fun. After the game, we sat in a circle and played a game. It was to wait until it was our time to go swimming! So the game was called ABC’s. Daria would call a letter, and you have to be the first to raise your hand, and say a movie which it’s name starts with that letter. What made it even better, was the it was boys against girls. >:) For the points, you get 1 each correct movie name. If it’s one of the favorite ones of Daria or Abdi, you get 2 points. If the movie’s name has 2 or more words and both of them start with the letter, you get 1 extra point. So like “Peter Pan” for the letter P. And since it was a favorite, you’d get 3 points in total. If it’s a series, you get plus 1 point every serie that is out. At the end, we lost 9 to 7 because Harry Potter got a lot. Then, everyone from Woodroffe headed to the change rooms to change into our bathing suits. Then, we all went to the pool. First, we all had to do a swim test. It was to swim about less than 50 meters. If you passed, you get a pink bracelet to go around your wrist, so they know you passed, if you didn’t pass, you have to stay in the shallow area. There’s a walkboard that you can’t swim under or go over to indicate the shallow or deep area. They also had a slide, a rope, and a tower that you can jump off of. Obviously there was a diving board. First, they opened the rope. Almost everyone went on it to have a try. I only went on it once, but it was still enough to know how it feels like. After a couple of minutes, they opened the slide and the diving board. I did a couple of turns on the diving board doing front flips, but mainly watching Laura a very good gymnast doing cool tricks off of it. Even the teacher was watching. The slide barely had a line-up. Sometimes there’d be a couple of people, but mostly no one was there, so I decided to go on it with April and Cherry. The line-up for the diving board was super long. Almost everybody was there. Some people were chilling in the pool talking, while others decided to do some activities. Later, the tower was opened. There were 3 levels, which we were allowed on the first two. I lined up for it, but at then end there was no time to jump. We just hung out in the pool, doing races which never ended because we all gave up. 😛 So we just swam a little, played in the wading pool. When our time in the pool was done, we rushed to get dressed to be there on the bus and at school in time. It was the best field trip ever! 😀