Canada Day 2017

On Saturday, July 1st, it was Canada day! Canada was turning 150. We were hoping the weather would co-operate, but it kept pouring rain… So we brought all the umbrellas we had, and went on the car to the Royal Canadian Mint. There was a line up because we had to go through security. Security was really high this year. We put our bags in the bins, went though the metal detector, and came out to go in the line to stamp your own coin! It was free of charge, so we didn’t have to pay, but the line was pretty long, each person needed about 15 seconds to have their turn (I counted). And it was pretty loud when the metal hammer hit the bottom. The coin was the 1st step of a 1¢ coin. Then after we stamp it, there would be the special maple leaf and CANADA 150 written on the bottom. It was very pretty. Unfortunately, it kept raining. We went inside the building, to line up for the tour. The tour was really cool. We learned that they made a 1 million dollar coin. Realized it was really cool, so they made 4 more which brings a total of five 1 million dollar coins. Then, they sold one to a museum not in Ottawa but in Canada (forget the place) 😮 , one is in Dubai as a coffee table (it’s big enough), another one was stolen 😦 one was in Germany (if I remember correctly) and another is there at the Mint.


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