Fishing Camp: Day 1

On Wednesday, July 5th it was the annual fishing camp. When we got there, we were 30 minutes late. They were talking about the different fish you could find here. After that, we got our fishing rods. We just had to set it up. So first, we put the rods together, and then we took the string and put it through the holes. Then, we attached a hook and a weight using the fisherman’s knot. Later on, when everyone’s fishing rod was set, we put on the worms. They were jiggly and squirmy, some of them were hard to hold on to. Then, we got set to go fishing! The first place I went to, was on the side of the dock.  Then, I casted my rod into the water. Then I felt a tug. That meant that I probably got a fish! I reeled my rod in, and I saw there was a fish! It had a red tail and fins. It was a red horse fish. Then, I took it to the bin with water in it, then Sean took the hook out. After a while, I caught another one of those red horses. Then, it was lunch! for lunch it was subway. We got to choose our bread, and some of them had meat, and some of them had cheese. I chose the plain bread that had white cheese in it. Then, I put tomatoes, lettuce, and mayonnaise on it. I had two of those, and I got a chocolate cookie. After that, we went fishing for the rest of the afternoon. With no luck, I caught no fish. 😦 But it was a fun day!


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