Fishing Camp: Day 2

On Thursday, July 6th 2017 it was the second and last day of fishing camp. In the morning, we first fished. Then, some guys from the Ottawa Fly fishing club/group came to teach us about fly fishing. We got to learn to handle the fly fishing rod, which is nothing like the normal fishing rods. You keep moving it, and there’s a tiny bug-looking thing that is made out of (most commonly) wool, string, and feather.

Image result for fly fishing bait

So we got to make our own! What we did, was we had a piece of wool string, and we attached it to the hook. And too keep it there, we used the white string. The white string was to attach any material to your hook. So I had a white body for my insect, and I put white spotted wings on. Then, my insect was done! Yay!

To wait for everyone to finish the activities, I went fishing. I caught a red horse (for the 3rd time) and a perch!

For lunch, we had pizza (I chose cheese) that was really thick and cheesy (it was from Mary’s). Then for a small dessert, we got Tim Bits! I took one of each except the raspberry/strawberry filled ones. I don’t like those.

After a while, all the worms were gone, we had to use lures. It was kinda boring, because most of the fish in the water prefer worms. 😛 So, no one ended up catching any fish with the lures. Then, when it was the end of camp, we got to bring our fishing rods home because they were ours to keep! It was a fun time at fishing camp! 😀


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