#Summer_Road_Trip July 2017

Our roadtrip was planned to go from Ottawa, to Quebec City for 3 days (leaving on the third) and then, to St. Johns in New Brunswick and stay there for 3 days. The trip was in a newly rented car that had really good technology with seven seats; 7 for my daddy, uncle, mommy, grandma, cousin, sister and me.

DAY 1:

We left our home on Thursday, July 13th at 9:50am. Driving all the way past Montreal to Quebec City. It took us about 3 hours to get there, arriving at 3:17pm. We were going to check-in to our inn that we were staying at called Confort Inn. Then, I was greatful enough to go to sleep. For dinner, we had poutine from Costco.

DAY 2:

We had breakfast supplied by the inn. I had with bread with strawberry jam, a patty, some apple juice, and some fruit loops. We walked around Quebec City, seeing the historic park where there was once a war. Seeing the hotels, and other places. We also had to go uphill and downhill a lot. 😮  We got to go see Montmorency falls. We had to pay $12.15 for the parking. The waterfall was big, but we didn’t go all the way up. We stayed down there beside the falls. We say tadpoles and people fly fishing. I didn’t see them catch any fish. When it was finally time to return to the inn, I had a couple of brownies on the way back.

DAY 3:

We went to get breakfast, then we packed up to go to Saint John’s in New Brunswick. We first Grand Falls. I wasn’t as big as Monmorency, but it was free. We walked around the falls, took a few pictures, saw some people go zip lining, then we were heading toward Hartland Bridge. It’s the longest covered bridge in the world! It was really long; about 500 m? Then, we waited until the car arrived at Reversing falls. At that time, it was luckily high tide, the water was going the opposite way. We went to take pictures, and we were headed  to our inn. It was an inn called Canadas Best Value Inn. Our room seems better than the one at confort inn, but it’s complicated.

DAY 4:

We went to Hopewell rocks 2 hours from the inn. At that time, it was low tide (11:25) , but our tickets let us come back to see the high tides. We got to go touch the water, it was freezing cold, but the rocks were very high. A couple hours later, we came back to see the high tide (7:15) and the spot where we were standing, was fully covered in water! It was really incredible to see that for the first time, but… Man, so impressing! It took us about two hours to get home, so we got there at about 9:45.


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