#SummerRoadTrip July 2017 Toronto

DAY 1:

On Friday, July 21st 2017 we were ready to go to Toronto! This time, our grandma wasn’t coming. We were on our way; my sister and I played Othello, My Boo, Paper.io, and Dancing Line on the I-pad. After a couple of minutes, we stopped at 1000 islands for a tour of the 1000 islands. It’s called the 1000 islands because there are over 1000 islands. Some houses, are built directly on the water (it’s against the rules now). We also saw the Boldt castle which is on the U.S.A side (so if you’d want to visit it, but you’re not American, you will need a passport or a visa. The castle was huge! It was everything you could ask for, even a children’s place to play. We also saw a couple of fancy looking cottages, and some people having fun on their boats. The tour lasted an hour, coming back to the dock, we were on our way to our dad’s friend’s house for dinner. There was meat, lobster, rice, sushi, and more. I had some rice, and meat. When everyone was full, we were on our way, to Cherry and Rose’s house! At Cherry and Rose’s house, only Rose was there with her friend.  We learned that they owned a dog named Athena. She is really energetic, and she listens really well, trained by Rose’s mom. They also grow grapes and blackberries. We got to pick some blackberries to bring home. We also had some watermelon, and some popcorners. Then we were on our way to the home where we were staying at. It was a big new home (about 12 years old). Since it was late, I took a bath and brushed my teeth to go to sleep. We slept on an air mattress.

DAY 2:

I woke up at around 8:30 and had a muffin for breakfast. It had nuts, and was really tasty. I also had some milk- a lot of milk. They bought milk just for us, because they usually don’t drink milk, just tea or soy milk. So they needed us to finish in the next 2 days. We went with my cousin, sister, mom and the lady that owned the house to a garage sale. We didn’t buy anything but we saw they sold a Wii console and a tiger lounge that was really cool. When we walked home, Kingsong (our brother) was home! He was talking with my daddy and his friend who’s the husband of the lady that owns the house who was the University graduate in the same year as Daddy. Speaking of the university graduate, they had a barbecue with all the graduates of ’85. So we brought my cousin and her dad accompanied by my brother to the Queen’s Park. Then my brother toured them around that area for the afternoon while my daddy, mommy, sister and I went to another park for the barbecue. There was delicious bone meat that was cooked by Rose and Cherry’s dad. There was salad, bread, drinks (I had the grape Crush). Then we got bored and walked on the rocks. There was one rock that Cherry walked on that was slippery and so she fell into the water. 😮 So my mommy brought her to the washroom. Then she stayed on the car on the ipad. At around 5, Kingsong ubered to the park with my cousin and her dad so we could send Kingsong to the bus station so he could go home, then we went to home.

DAY 3:

We went to the Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. We have been on the American side though. We first took several pictures far from the falls, and then Daddy got tickets for  my cousin, her dad, my sister and me to go DOWN to the falls! I was excited ’cause I’ve never been there before and it was boiling hot so you get to get wet, but it was a long line to wait. At least the boat could fit a lot of people so the line moved fast, but more people means more crowded. Luckily  the boat we were in wasn’t SOOO crowded. 😛 We got red ponchos for us to wear during the ride, and we got pretty wet. It was so cool seeing the falls so close. The trip was about 15 minutes I THINK. Then when the ride was done, we went up to meet daddy and mommy. After taking several more photos, we went to the Niagara Outlet. It had lots of brands like Nike, Adidas, Roots, Reebok, Puma, Ardene, and Michael Korbs. The only thing we bought was a blue sweater for me, and a salmon pink sweater for Cherry from Old Navy, because it was discounted. Then, we went back to the home where we were staying.


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