Baseball Summer 2017

On Thursday, August 31st, we had a final baseball game. It was to determine who was 1st and 2nd, so no matter what, we’d all get a medal. The team we were against was sponsored by Lixar. They’re a team full of boys, and the only woman is the coach. And you can tell that most of them are older than 13 (age limit for intermediate group), which is clearly unfair, because in this baseball program, your team needs a sponsor, at least 2 girls in your team. All I’m saying is that, they shouldn’t be allowing 15 year olds on that team playing against a team with kids. So… Here is how the game went

We LOST (kinda obvious though…) It was 15 or bigger to 0. We didn’t score a single run. It was very sad, but we had a couple of good plays like when Ella caught a fly ball and it was really cool, everyone was yelling or cheering or either clapping. It must’ve been memorable because she was named MVP of the game. It was a great day! Because even if we lost, we still get silver, and we also got cake! It was cake with whip cream (if you wanted it, I prefered not to have it) with raspberries and strawberries. It was very delicious,