Rebecca’s Birthday Party

On Sunday, December 10th, my sister and I went to Captive Kids for a birthday party fromĀ  12:30 to 2:30. Captive Kids is a place where they have escape rooms. You can choose to just participate in the escape rooms, or be in a group (eg. friends, birthday parties) and try to escape before the time runs out. Generally, there’s a story leading to why you’re here trying to escape. You must find clues, and retrieve the golden key before the time runs out. Normally, you have an hour. There’s a bell you can ring anytime to get a clue. You have unlimited clues. The escape room we did was Pirate themed. We were about to steal a map and the treasure, but we got caught. The ship is sinking and the crew abandoned us lock in the dungeon. We have to escape before the time runs out.

The people who were attending were:




Lucy (Rebecca’s sister)


Cherry (my sister)

Rose (myself)

So Rebecca and her sister along with their parents arrived 2 seconds later when we got there, and very shortly Saul was there. We were told to start right at 12:30 due to the busy schedule. We first learned the rules. Nothing behind the wall paper, and ceiling. Whichever items have the Captive Kids sticker on it we shouldn’t touch (eg. Heater, light switch), and we shouldn’t move the barrels. We can only looks around them and on top. There are four rooms in total and try to escape before the time runs out. You will have to find the 8 pieces that will add up to a map, and the golden key which will allow you to escape. Once you have all of those items, ring the same bell for clues and you’ll win. Right when we were going into the first room, Rowan came. It started with Saul, Cherry and Rowan in prison cell 1, and Lucy, Rebecca and I were locked in prison cell 2 right beside them. In cell 1 there was a chest with a letter lock. In front of cell 2 there was a number lock. And the lock trapping us in cell 2 was also numeric. The lock for cell 1 was a key lock. Outside of the prison cells there was a clock, some barrels and a net with white pieces of paper you couldn’t really see what’s written on it. So once a lady locked us in the dungeon, she put the key for the key lock on a hook near but far to the prison cell 1. When we were allowed to start, we first examined the cells. Our cell had a 5 and a 4 in tally marks written on one of the bars. Under the benches we were sitting on, there were letters. Enough to unlock the letter lock of the chest in cell 2. Inside that chest there was one piece of the map. On our chest there was a clue. “Time is key.” So we looked on the clock. It had arrows of same length pointing to 3 and 6. On the outside circle of 3 there was a 15, and on the outside circle of 6 there was 30. So for the lock, we tried 3 30 and 6 15. 6 1 5 worked. Inside that chest, was a spoon. It was wooden and had a kind of hook on the end. It seemed like you use it to scoop soup. We guessed it was to try and hook the keys off of the ring. So we handed it to Saul in the other cell (it was big enough to pass it through) and he fortunately got the keys! So they escaped from their cell and tried finding more things hidden around the room. Our next goal was to get Rebecca, Lucy and me out of OUR cell. We kinda guessed that the tally-marked 4 and 5 were important to the situation. It equaled nine altogether. Right we were! They found a 3 and a 5 that were also in tally marks. So we put the numbers in different ways and we eventually got out. We examined that the net laying nearby with the pieces of paper had a word on one side and a number on the other. So we took the paper on the clipboard with a pen and took notes. We wrote the word, and then beside that word we wrote the number. Then logically, we went through it numerically. So the word that has number one would be the first word, then the next word would be the word with number two etc. The sentence didn’t help with anything though. On one of the barrels was a chest. It had a one number and 4 letter combination. Since further on, we couldn’t find anymore clues to what the combination could be, we decided to ask for a clue. The combination ended up being 7MAPS because we already found on piece of the map and we had 7 more MAPS to go. Inside the chest, was a key to the next room and another piece of the map. So we put the pieces on a board which was meant to be the place where you put them. It was magnetic so they would stay. In the next room there was a table with 3 chests placed on it. So again NOT FINISHED