How To Make Simple Ice Cream

You will need:
-15 ml of sugar
-Any toppings you want on your ice cream
-1 spoon of salt (any type)
-1 spoon of milk (preferably white milk)
-2 Ziploc bags
-1 big (preferably 1 litre) container
-1 tablespoon of vanilla extract

**Use gloves at all times if possible**

1. Put all the sugar in a Ziploc bag.
2. Pour 1 spoon of milk into the Ziploc bag with the sugar
3. Pour the vanilla extract into the bag.
4. Put Ziploc bag into the 2nd Ziploc bag. (Get rid of air inside, make sure to seal well)
5. Fill 2/3 of the container with snow.
6. Put salt into the container with the snow.
7. Put the lid on the container, shake well
8. Shake until the milk turns into ice cream, take Ziploc bags out.
9. Put in preferred toppings/syrup
10. Take the spoon out and enjoy!
**Salt may sting hands**


Winter Activity Day

On Thursday, February, 15th 2018, our school went to Mount Packingham for a winter activity day. On that day, you could choose to go skiing, snowboarding, or participate in the WOW program. The WOW program was just winter activities like snowshoeing, and tubing. I chose to learn how to ski because it’s really popular. Of course, skiing and snowboarding cost more.

When we got to school by school bus, we all headed towards the gym, there, we got organized into our classes, and buses. There were 6 buses in total, 3 coach buses and 3 normal school buses. We all hoped we would get a coach bus! Our bus was bus number 6 along with 6C. Unfortunately, we got stuck with the regular school bus. I sat in the back with Lilian, Sylvie, and Suhur who were also going to be going skiing, but just like me, Suhur is a beginner (never skied before). When we got there, we stayed on the bus. A lady told us information like where to go for the test (if you’ve skied/snowboarded before) and where the lessons were if it’s your first time skiing/snowboarding. Then, we got our ski/snowboard passes. They were all personalized with your name and renting equipment information. After, we got off the bus and went to the cafeteria to put our stuff down. Then we headed towards the rental hut to get our equipment. I got ski boots and put them on. They were pretty tough to put on, but I was warned it’d be way worse taking them off. Then I got my skis. You weren’t allowed ski poles until you finished the star course, which was a course that you need to do that requires skillz. Once we got our equipment, Emily (from another class) joined us. We went the first station where we learned to put our skis on, take them off, and reset them. Also beginning to get used to walking/sliding around with skis. Then we headed to the next station. At that station, we had to go down a small hill (it was like a ramp) and stop (the pizza way) at the end. The instructor thought I did it very well and let me pass. So he wrote the number 1 on my pass (to show I passed that station) and I headed to the next one. The station had a hill slightly taller. It was a taller ramp. We were supposed to go down on it and do a pizza stop again, and the second time, we had to go, stop, go and stop. After that, we went to a hill. The transportation up was a moving carpet. After, to go down the hill, you had to go around pylons that were in a line. It was pretty easy, and I passed pretty quickly. But the next station seemed a bit harder. The hill was taller and a bit steeper. You had to go around pylons, but they were separated so that you had to go to the right, then turn to the left, then right then left. It was really wide. I went down the hill 3 times until I could pass, mainly because the lines were long, and sometimes there wasn’t always an instructor watching you. Then, came the last station that requires skill. It was the same thing as the last station, just without pylons. To get up the hill you had to get pulled by a rope, which some skiiers fell because it’s a tug once you hang on to it and you need to keep your skis straight. The station was called the star test because if you’ve skied before this was the test you went through for them to decide if you were intermediate or professional. The first 2 times I did it, there was no instructor to watch, then the third time, the instructor said I had to do wider turns. And the fourth time I got half a six. He told me to do it one more time, and I did. That time I passed. Then he asked if I rode a chairlift before. I haven’t so I had to go to one more station. That station we learned how to ride a chairlift. Once the one in front of you passed, you gotta hurry and move up, and then you sit on the chairlift. Then you need to have your skis pointed up, and pull the handle bar down. After you’re almost about to land you take the handle bar up (There’s a sign that tells you to “Pull Handlebar Up Here”, so you pull it down. After that, you get off, you can choose which hills to go down. I went down the easiest way down, as many times as I could, before we had to go. It was a great day!

Kanata Cup 2018

On Saturday, March, 10th, 2018, we went to Bridlewood School for the Kanata Cup invitational competition. This year, I was competing in level 5 ball against my sister Cherry.

Sing told us to get there at 1:30. Arielle and Jennifer (who were competing in level 4 rope) were already there. They were on to practicing their routine skills. When we got there, we registered. The Special Olympics were competing at that time. I warmed up by myself, started with skipping. Then I stretched my toes, my back, and my splits. After I did oversplits on these mats. After all the stretching I went to get my ball and practiced my balances, turns, rolls, dance steps, masteries. I had to practice all those that didn’t require a high ceiling because that gym (was a gym where all the clubs met) had a low ceiling. The gym where we competed had a high ceiling and those who it was their rotation to compete were allowed to practice until it was their turn.

We were supposed to compete at 3:20 but since they were behind schedule they ended up calling us to the big gym to practice at around 3:50. In the schedule, I was 4th to compete. Cherry was 2nd.  Once the last rotation (level 4 ropes) were done, we were asked to go on the big carpet and review. We had 5 minutes. I walked through my routine about 3-4 times until they told us that our time was up and we should go back to practicing. I practiced my risks (throw double chenee catch cat-leap and throw forwards-roll trap) Until they called me on deck.

After I finished my routine, I was pretty tired. I didn’t drop anything and I completed my turns well. Overall, I think I did the best I could possibly do unless I went on releve for my balances (but Sing said not to because if you don’t hold it for one Mississippi you will get a big deduction).

Results: I got 1st with a score of 5.200, Cherry got 3rd with a score of 4.000, somebody beat her by .2. Here are the full results:

Group: Crystal, Cherry, Rose, Jacqueline 4 ribbon

Result: The first half was okay, we caught our exchange in a square, and the cartwheel throw collaboration and I caught the throw bum roll collaboration. But then after that was a disaster (lol) Jacqueline dropped in the next exchange in a diagonal line, and then, you don’t want to know. We ended up getting 1.500 as our score. It was a bit better than we expected (we expected 0.1 😛 ). But we still got first because nobody else was competing against us. I left Kanata Cup with two gold medals. 🙂